Data Science (DATA) Courses

College of Natural and Health Sciences (CNHS)

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DATA 171 Data Science Fundamentals in R (3) (lecture/lab) Introduction to the field of data science. Focus on communicating narratives regarding the underlying patterns in the data, i.e. storytelling with data. Topics include R programming fundamentals, data properties, visualization, importing, cleaning, and transforming data. No prior programming experience required. Pre: C or better in MATH 135T or higher, or placement into MATH 140 or higher. (Same as CS 171)

DATA 172 Python for Data Analysis (3) (lecture/lab) Fundamentals of Python programming for the analysis of real-world datasets. Topics include writing scripts and programs in Python and tools for cleaning, manipulating, and visualizing data. Introduction to intelligent analysis techniques. Properties of domain-specific datasets. No prior programming experience required. Pre: C or better in MATH 135T or higher, or placement into MATH 140 or higher. (Same as CS 172)

DATA 200 Intro to Business Analytics (3) An introduction to quantitative modeling and data-driven decision-making used in Business Analytics. Includes the basic concepts and mathematical tools to understand the role of quantitative analytics in organizations; application of analysis tools and interpretations of model outputs for effective communication. (Same as QBA 200)

DATA 271 Applied Statistics with R (3) Introduction to probability and statistics, with an emphasis on applied use of the R statistical computing system. Topics include categorical and quantitative random variables, probability distributions, descriptive statistics estimation, hypothesis testing, and linear regression. Pre: C or better in MATH 135T or higher, or placement into MATH 140 or higher. Recommended: C or better in CS 171 or computer programming experience. (Same as MATH 271)

DATA 272 Machine Learning for Data Sci (3) How to use data to automatically understand the world, make complex decisions, and even predict the future. Focuses on helping students do more with data by understanding and using a wide variety of machine learning tools. Taught in Python. Pre: CS/DATA 172 and MATH 241, which may be taken concurrently. (Same as CS 272)

DATA 362 Business Analytics (3) Fundamentals of Business Analytics. This course aims to teach students to analyze, formulate, and solve managerial decision-making problems using quantitative models and techniques. Pre: C or better in QBA 200 or QBA 260. (Same as QBA 362)

DATA 370 Data Management (3) Fundamentals of relational database usage and management from a data science perspective. Topics include properties of multi-table data, the entity- relationship data model, SQL for single and multiple table queries and updates, and communicating with databases using R. Pre: C or better in CS/DATA 171. (Same as CS 370)

DATA 371 Multivariate Modeling with R (3) Multivariate statistical methods and model selection using R. Topics include the multivariate normal distribution and covariances, multiple regression, analysis of variance, principal component analysis, logistic regression, and decision trees. The course will emphasize model selection and techniques such as validation sets to address the problem of overfitting. Pre: C or better in MATH 271. (Same as MATH 371)

DATA 373 Data Security & Privacy (3) This course studies the numerous privacy and security issues that arise when gathering, storing, analyzing, and distributing data. This course will teach students about the fundamental underpinnings of security & privacy as well as give practical, hands-on experience designed to help data scientists identify and resolve real-world issues. Topics include differential privacy, database security, server security, data ethics, machine learning safety, and data integrity. Primarily taught in Python. Pre: C or better in CS/DATA 172. (Same as CS 373)

DATA 375 Applied Informatics (3) Introduction to the theory and application of informatics tools used in Marine and Natural Sciences. Students will learn the fundamentals of data management, data analytics, ecoinformatics, bioinformatics, and data visualization. Pre: C or better in CS 171 or CS 172, C or better in MATH 271 or MARE 250 or Instructor's Consent.

DATA 465 Social Media Analytics for Bus (3) Fundamentals of Social Media and Text Analytics. Provides the concepts to understand the role of Social Media/Text Analytics for business decision-making. Pre: C or better in QBA/DATA 200, QBA/DATA 362, CS/DATA 172 or instructor's consent. (Same as QBA 465)