Animal Science (ANSC) Courses

College of Agriculture, Forestry & Natural Resource Management (CAFNRM)

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ANSC 133 Fundamentals of Riding I (3) (lecture/lab) Introduction to basic horse care, assessment for riding purposes, safety on both the ground and mounted, tacking and untacking, transition and gaits, and controlled walk, trot, canter in both english and western styles. Pre: Instructor's consent.

ANSC 141 Intro To An Science (3) Introductory material related to animal science and livestock production including topics such as terms, body parts, wholesale cuts, breeds, digestion, feeding, reproduction, industry, and livestock breeding. (Attributes: DB)

ANSC 163 Intro Equine Sports & Careers (3) Overview of equine sports including english, western, rodeo, driving, and racing. Within each sport, potential career paths and their educational requirements will be reviewed.

ANSC 175 Animal Behavior and Handling (3) (lecture/lab) Introduction to the basic principles and processes regarding domestic animal behavior including communication, social structure, sexual behavior, learning and common behavioral disorders. (Attributes: DB)

ANSC 193 Horse Handling & Pract Skills (3) (lecture/lab) Introduction to gaits and movement, tack and equipment, herd dynamics and horse behavior, basic handling skills and training theory. Pre: ANSC 141 or instructor's consent.

ANSC 223 Intro to Wildlife Science (3) (lecture/lab) Principles of managing wildlife populations and the interrelationships between wildlife and domestic livestock.

ANSC 233 Fundamentals of Riding II (3) (lecture/lab) Refinement and improvement of walk, trot, canter. Further focus on rider balance and controlling movements of the horse on both the ground and mounted in english and western styles. Pre: Instructor's consent.

ANSC 254 Fundamentals of Nutrition (3) Comparative animal digestive systems and metabolism. Essential nutrients, their functions, mechanisms of action and interrelationships. (Same as BIOL 254). (Attributes: DB, GCC)

ANSC 350 Anatomy/Physiol Of Farm Animal (3) (lecture/lab) Structure and function of the animal body. A general study of anatomy, but emphasis placed on understanding the physiology. (Same as BIOL 323)

ANSC 351 Swine Production (3) (lecture/lab) Principles of efficient pork production including breeds, crossbreeding, feeding, herd health, housing, management, selection and waste management. Pre: ANSC 141 or instructor's consent.

ANSC 353 Horse Production (3) (lecture/lab) Origin of species, breeds, feeding, lameness evaluation, reproductive considerations, and health issues of light horses. Limited enrollment. Pre: ANSC 141 or instructor's consent.

ANSC 357 Ruminant Production Systems (3) (lecture/lab) Principles of cattle and small ruminant production including crossbreeding, feeding, handling, health, reproduction and management. Within each topic, species specific considerations will be addressed along with principles that can be applied to all ruminants. Pre: ANSC 141 or instructor's consent.

ANSC 393 Equine Anatomy & Biomechanics (3) (lecture/lab) To present students with an overview of equine anatomy and biomechanics including the skeletal and muscular components of movement. These components will then be studied in relation to conformation, lameness, and gait quality. In addition, students will learn how proper development of musculature can influence horse performance and soundness. Pre: ANSC 353 or Instructor’s Consent

ANSC 421 Intro to Veterinary Pharmacol (3) Introduction to the basic principles of veterinary pharmacology and major drug classes. Recommended: CHEM 241 and 242. Pre: CHEM 141 or higher

ANSC 450 Physiology Reproduction (3) (lecture/lab) Livestock reproductive anatomy and physiology. Pre: ANSC 141. Recommended: ANSC 350 (Same as BIOL 450)

ANSC 453 Anim Disease & Parasites (3) (lecture/lab) Principles and practices used for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases and parasites in livestock. ANSC 453 and 454 do not have to be taken in sequential order. Pre: ANSC 141 or instructor's consent.

ANSC 476 Wildlife Population Ecology (3) (lecture/lab) Principles of applied wildlife population ecology and the interrelationships between population dynamics and agriculture, conservation, forestry, and natural resource management. Recommended preparation is an introductory biology course. This course is dual listed with CBES 676.

ANSC 490 Animal Science Internship (3) (other) Practical animal experience (employed or voluntary) at farms, ranches, veterinary clinics, zoos and other animal operations. Pre: ANSC 141 and two of the following: ANSC 342, 351, 353 and 355 and permission of the instructor. (Attributes: ALEX, GCC)

ANSC x94 Special Topics in Subject Matter (Arr.) Special topics chosen by the instructor. Course content will vary. May be repeated for credit, provided that a different topic is studied. Additional requirements may apply depending on subject and topic.

ANSC x99 Directed Studies (Arr.) Statement of planned reading or research required. Pre: instructor’s consent.