Aeronautical Sciences (AERS) Courses

College of Agriculture, Forestry & Natural Resource Management (CAFNRM)

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AERS 101 Elem Private Pilot Ops (1) This course focuses on developing a general understanding of FAA rules and operations, charts and navigation, radio communication and simulator flying. Students will also have an overview of aerodynamics, stall awareness and aeronautical decision making and judgement. Basic simulator maneuvers will be covered. Pre: Instructor's Consent.

AERS 102 Instrument Pilot Ops (1) Introduction to the basic rules, regulations, and knowledge to operate an aircraft under Instrument conditions. Students will develop competency in the skills necessary to navigate and understand the fundamentals of flying precision and non precision instrument approaches. Students will be introduced to and expected to be able to master take off and landings under instrument minimum conditions. Allowing operations with adverse weather, reduced visibility, including night operations. Pre: AERS 101 or Instructor’s Consent.

AERS 152 Introduction to UAS (3) Survey of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) emphasizing the commercial history including sections on hobby and military applications. Students learn operational principles, laws, and theory.

AERS 201 Private Pilot I (5) Introduces the airplane to entry-level student pilots as they prepare for flight training. Stresses airport systems, air traffic control procedures, aviation weather, air navigation, radio communication procedures, and Federal Aviation Regulations. Covers airplane ground and flight operations, take-off and landing, basic flight maneuvers, cross country methods and emergency procedures. Prepares students for the required FAA Private Pilot Airplane Knowledge Test and Private Pilot Airplane Practical Test. To be taught offsite at flight provider. Offered as CR/NC only. Pre: Approval of AERS Program.

AERS 202 Private Pilot II (5) Introduces cross-country navigation, emergency operations, takeoffs, landings and go-arounds in solo flight. Prepares students for the FAA Private Pilot Checkride. To be taught offsite at flight provider. Offered as CR/NC only. PRE: Approval of AERS Program.

AERS 203 Cross Country Single Eng PIC (5) Covers Air Traffic Control Clearances, GPS Flight Plan Function. Perform straight-and-level flight, constant rate climbs and descents, constant airspeed climbs and descents, standard rate turns. Compliance with departure, en route and arrival procedures. To be taught offsite at flight provider. Offered as CR/NC only. PRE: Approval of AERS Program.

AERS 220 Elem Multi-Eng Operations (1) This course focuses on the overview of Multi-Engine Operations, students will continue their aeronautical knowledge training and perform simulation training specific to multi-engine aircraft. Pre: AERS 102.

AERS 221 Elem Multi-Eng Ops II (1) This course focuses on elementary commercial operations including calculating performance data, common errors, computing takeoff and landing data and computing weight and balance calculations. Pre: AERS 220.

AERS 250 Aviation Safety (3) Develop an attitude and philosophy for accident prevention and an awareness of major flight security issues. Though the focus is on accident prevention, aircraft accident investigation is illustrated to include: human factors, mechanical considerations, and the nature of accident/error chains. Pre: AERS 102 or Instructor's Consent.

AERS 251 Aviation Weather (3) Discusses atmospheric science principles applicable to flight. Students gain a general understanding of meteorological theory and learn how to read applicable charts, graphics, and generated reports. Describes local meteorological phenomenon applicable to air travel. Pre: AERS 102 or Instructor's Consent.

AERS 260 Aircraft Systems & Instruments (3) This course is comprehensive study of aircraft systems and components at the technical level. Areas of study include aircraft electrical, hydraulic, fuel, propeller and auxiliary systems including theory of operation, calculations, and related Federal Aviation Regulations. Pre: AERS 251, PHYS 151 which may be taken concurrently.

AERS 310 Instrument Basic (3) Flight course on basic Instrument flight maneuvers including Instrument turns, stalls, unusual attitude recoveries. Performs basic Instrument flight patterns. Uses VOR and GPS navigation. To be taught offsite at flight provider. Offered as CR/NC only. PRE: Approval of AERS Program.

AERS 311 Instrument Advanced (3) Advanced Instrument flight. Perform VOR and localized approaches, GPS approaches, circling approach, DME Arc approach and missed approach procedures. Lost comms procedures, engine failure in IMC and partial panel covered. To be taught offsite at flight provider. Offered as CR/NC only. PRE: Approval of AERS Program.

AERS 340 Advanced Simulated Maneuvers (1) Instruction on Steep turns, Chandelles, Lazy Eights and Eights on Pylons covered. Review of FAA Guidelines. Pre: AERS 221 or Instructor's Consent.

AERS 352 UAS Mission Plans & Simulation (3) Students gain experience in planning and execution of UAS missions. Computer simulation is leveraged to provide real-time mission experience. Students will practice the roles of pilot in command, payload operator, and mission commander. Pre: AERS 152.

AERS 354 UAS Robotics (3) The core technologies of unmanned aircraft systems are examined. Students become familiar with UAS at the component level. Working in teams students will build a UAS, choose and retrofit a payload, and program the control software.

AERS 355 Domestic & International Nav (3) Domestic and International navigation, planning, procedures, and techniques. Provides basic understanding of IFR domestic and international flights and gives students a fundamental knowledge of international contingency planning and emergency procedures. Pre: AERS 251 and MATH 140 or Instructor's Consent.

AERS 370 Prep for Single/Multi Eng Flt (1) Pre-departure orientation course for students continuing on to flight school. Review concepts and simulation maneuvers taught in previous courses as well as discuss common issues encountered by students attending flight school and how to mitigate them. Pre: AERS 260.

AERS 387 Crew Resource Management (3) History and development of current industry CRM training programs is reviewed. Students learn to recognize and capture crew errors and demonstrate ability to mitigate the error consequences. How to function as an effective member of a professional flight crew. Pre: AERS 251.

AERS 388 Crew Resource Mgt & Crew Ops (2) Concepts in Crew Resource Management relating to responsibility and authority of the Pilot in Charge, crew member roles, conflict management, flight operation procedures, in-flight hazards and emergency procedures. To be taught offsite at flight provider. Offered as CR/NC only. PRE: Approval of AERS Program.

AERS 420 Commercial Cert Multi-Engine (5) Flight course covering multi-engine aerodynamics, maneuvering with one engine inoperative. FAA Commercial Pilot Airplane and Flight Instructor Airplane exam, FAA Commercial checkride. To be taught offsite at flight provider. Offered as CR/NC only. PRE: Approval of AERS Program.

AERS 421 Commercial Single Eng Add-on (2) Advanced knowledge of single-engine systems and characteristics, aerodynamics. Engine failure operations and procedures. Commercial single-engine checkride. To be taught offsite at flight provider. Offered as CR/NC only. PRE: Approval of AERS Program.

AERS 452 UAS Flight (3) This course will guide new pilots to safely operate rotor- wing and fixed-wing unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). This course includes essentials of risk mitigation and accident prevention, teamwork and Crew Resource Management (CRM), and focuses on data recovery. Pre: AERS 354.

AERS 471 Airline Operations (3) Discusses major air carrier organizational structure and relationships of operations with marketing, maintenance and safety. Provides students with current airline transport pilot operational policies and procedures and discusses their relationship to other departments within the total airline corporate structure. Pre: AERS 387.

AERS 472 Pilot Professional Development (3) Develop career goals, objectives, and gain an understanding of the career pilot hiring process. Research the industry an potential employers using available resources. This course will reinforce the prospective graduates skills necessary to develop effective interviewing, letter and resume-writing skills. Pre: AERS 387.

AERS 473 Leadership as a Pilot (3) Leadership techniques that pilots need to succeed in their careers. Topics covered will include leadership theory and dynamics, problem solving, and communication strategies. Pre: AERS 387.

AERS 495 Professional Seminar (3) Careers in aeronautical science are not limited to pilots. Pilots should not limit their training to flying alone. This course offers the opportunity for interns to reflect on knowledge gained in volunteer service. Wisdom is shared with other students. Pre: AERS 387 or Instructor's Consent.

AERS x94 Special Topics in Subject Matter (Arr.) Special topics chosen by the instructor. Course content will vary. May be repeated for credit, provided that a different topic is studied. Additional requirements may apply depending on subject and topic.

AERS x99 Directed Studies (Arr.) Statement of planned reading or research required. Pre: instructor’s consent.