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Big Eye Lance

Big Eye Lance

Aloha, my name is Big Eye Lance. I am from the Big Island, and I’m a diehard UH Hilo Vulcan fan. You can catch me at the games and other events around campus.

“There’s pride…then there’s Vulcan Pride”
~ Big Eye Lance

Who is Big Eye Lance?

Big Eye Lance (Big I-Lands... get it?) first made his debut in the Fall of 2014 at the Vulcan Pride Pep Rally. He then led nearly 200 highly energetic, highly excited UH Hilo students into the Vulcan Gym to watch an amazing Women's Volleyball game. The energy and excitement that followed Big Eye Lance into the gym that day pushed our Vulcans to beat their opponents in a nail-biting, edge-of-your-seat, breathless win!

Big Eye Lance was created and designed by the students on the UH Hilo New Student Programs Developing ʻOhana Team and he's been entertaining and energizing the UH Hilo Campus ever since.

Big Eye Lance's appearances are coordinated by the University Concierge and New Student Programs.

What kinds of things can Big Eye Lance do at my event?

Big Eye w/ Group Primarily, Big Eye Lance will engage with your guests, get them excited, pumped up, and energized during your event.

Some Traditional things that Big Eye Lance does:

  • Big Eye Lance can pose for pictures
  • Give out prizes (provided by you)
  • Walk around giving out high 5's, hugs, and fist bumps.
  • Pump up your crowd with high energy and fun antics

If there's something special you want Big Eye Lance to do at your event, let us know when you make your reservation and we'll try to work with you to make that happen.

Please note that some special requests may not be approved due to risk of injury or damage to Big Eye Lance, the Big Eye Team, or the University. Approval of special requests are at the discretion of the University Concierge Program Coordinator in consultation with the Associate Director for New Student Programs & University Concierge.

Request an Appearance

Online Request Form

Big Eye Lance is available for University sponsored events only and not available for off campus or community events.

Please be aware that Big Eye Lance normally attends large scale events. Typically, an event request should be for groups of at least 20 people and in an appropriate location. A sit down dinner may not work so well, but a large event at the Campus Center would be excellent.

How Long will Big Eye Lance perform?

Appearances will last approximately 15-20 minutes at a time, depending on weather/temperature conditions.

Big Eye Lance will take 20-30 minute breaks in-between appearances.

How long in advance do I need to make a request?

You can submit a requests at minimum 7 days prior to the event. More time is always appreciated, but give us at least a week to ensure that Big Eye is available.

What if I need to cancel the reservation?

Cancellation of appearances must be made a minimum of 3 days in advance. To cancel an appearance, please contact the University Concierge Program Coordinator via email at or via phone at (808) 932-7799.

Who can request an appearance?

You must be a member of a recognized UH Hilo entity (Student Organization, Department, Office, etc.). Big Eye Lance is not available for off campus or community events.

Join the Big Eye Lance Team!

We're now recruiting for students interest in joining the Big Eye Lance Team.

There are two main roles on the Big Eye Team:

Big Eye LanceBig Eye Lance

Big Eye Lance is an ambassador to UH Hilo. His role is to increase the energy at various school events, encourage students to show their school pride, create a deeper connection with the institution, increase school spirit in all areas of campus, and become a symbol for students to recognize and connect with.

Big Eye Assistants

As Big Eye Lance’s Assistant you will be the main means of communication between Big Eye Lance and the event participants (Big Eye Lance doesn't speak). The health and safety of all of our staff is of utmost importance and it will be your responsibility to help Big Eye Lance stay safe during events.

If you're interested in being a part of the Big Eye Team, contact the University Concierge Program Coordinator for more information

Applications are due by Noon on Friday, October 30th so Apply Today!
Phone: (808) 932-7799