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Welcome Back to Campus Vulcans

Vulcan Video Productions (VVP) is continuing its Mission to provide engaging and educational video content. With in-person learning returning we invite you to visit us in person. Drop by our office on the third floor of Campus Center room 312. But should you still be uncomfortable meeting in person feel free to contact VVP via email at Please email us any of your questions or schedule an appointment. All UH Hilo students are still able to access our services and events online.

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Welcome to the Set!

Here at Vulcan Video Productions, UH Hilo's video production program, we give students the opportunity to gain first hand experience and education in video production and broadcasting with high quality equipment and editing programs.

Our projects include informative and entertaining shows on a variety of topics, vlogs filmed by UH Hilo students; the VulcanVloggers, promotions and commercials for school events, and more!

Interested in joining the crew?

We are currently looking for members to join our team. Becoming a member of VVP gives you access to hands on training and the equipment to make your video ideas a reality. Complete the online application Today!
For assistance with the online application, visit the friendly staff at the Campus Center Office in room 210, the VVP Office in Campus Center room 312 or the VVP Advisor Office in Campus Center room 316.

If you are selected for an interview and have previous video production experience, it would be greatly appreciated if you bring us a small example of your work (videos, writing, art, characters, etc...). No prior experience, don't worry about it. Your here to learn and we want to teach you.
VVP is comprised of various volunteer positions for those who want to be in front of the camera or behind it.

Positions Include:

General Manager
The General Manager represents Vulcan Video Productions. You are the leader of a like minded group of enthusiastic students coming together to create video content meant to entertain or educate the UH Hilo student body through the visual media of film or events.

Production Manager
The Production manager is the second-in command to the General Manager. The Production Manager is responsible for assisting the General Manager by guiding the group and its members' video projects.

Lead Editor
Lead Editors determine the look and feel of VVP’s videos. Their job is to take all of the raw footage that is shot and to assemble it into a cohesive video in accordance with the project's goals and objectives.

General Crew
Each General Crew member will be trained in all aspects of Video Production. A General Crew member's job is to assist the other members of the team during video shoots operating much of the equipment and even starring in the videos themselves.

Vulcan Vloggers
Vulcan Vloggers are members of the group whose sole responsibility is to create smaller, more personal content.

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