Campus & Community Service

Campus and Community Service is about bringing the needs of our community to the surface. Our goals are to educate through hands on experience to leave a permanent and positive impact on students, faculty, staff, and the community in general. If you would like more information about any of our events please feel free to contact us.

Campus and Communtiy Service is a program of the Campus Center Fee Board.



Campus and Communty Service Mission

Campus and Community Service is an educational approach that fosters civic responsibility and engagemnet though active participation in organized service that meets community needs. Students, Community members, Faculty and Administration / Staff collaborate to create meaningful learning opportunities. Its mission is to promote excellence in service learning by supporting the development of meaningful, active, and hands-on learning experiences that promote academic excellence while serving genuine community needs.

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Get Involved!

You can sign up TODAY! Please email Maile Boggeln at to add your name to the vounter listserve!

Please help us spread the word about CCS. You can find our informational brochure here.


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