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Find out where you sit...

The Hunger Banquet is an interactive evening for all ages, on the prevalence of world hunger, its causes and effects. Learn what you can do to help people that are hungry here in Hilo, as well as in the world. This events help us to take ownership of our community and teaches the importance of social responsibility.

Created by Oxfam this event help to highlight the inquality of resouces on our planet. Currently over 925 million people suffer from cronic hunger, and appromitly 22,000 children a day die becuase of a lack of food. That is one child every four seconds.

Previous Years

Hunger Banquet Audience, 2006

The 2006 event was a great success. Our guest speakers included Dr. Marilyn Brown, from the UH Hilo Sociology Dept., Joanne Nagasako from the Hawaii Island Food Basket, and Ken Hupp, a UH Hilo public information officer in the university relations office. We had over 50 participants of all ages. Mahalo to everyone who made it possible!

2006 guest speaker, Mayor Harry Kim
2006 guest speaker, Mayor Harry Kim

Guest speakers from past events have included the Big Island Mayor Harry Kim and Carol Ignacio (Head of Catholic Charities, the foundation responsible for creating the Hawaiʻi Island Food Basket), among other notable community members.