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Being a college radio DJ is very different from being a party DJ or a commercial radio DJ. Here you can find out what the job requires, how much time is needed from you, and what you can and can’t do.

When you have read the following, please contact the General Manager to apply today!

How much time does a DJ dedicate?
In the studio, we ask DJs to host a two-hour show, once a week. Outside of the studio, we ask DJs to dedicate two hours of volunteer service to the station per month. This can be posting flyers, editing music, doing sports broadcasts, sitting at tables, drawing logos, etc. So, we are only asking about 10 hours per month. Whether or not you dedicate more time outside of the studio to make your show better is up to you. Some people feel they need more time to fine tune, while others can just come in and get going.
How much do DJs get paid?
All University Radio DJ positions are voluntary. As a student ran radio station we try to thank our DJs with various acknowledgements and activities throughout the year to recognize their dedication.
Can DJs get University credit for DJing?
Unfortunately we can not give University credits for any member volunteering here at University Radio Hilo, however it is recommended to check with your department of study to see what is offered in directed studies.
Do DJs have to do music shows?
DJ’s begin with a music oriented show focused on the genre of their choice. After (2) two semesters of University Radio Hilo on air experience, DJ’s can propose talk show or more unique formats of programming to the program director for approval.
Does URH have music we can play?
URH has a limited but growing music selection. Most DJs contribute their own music to play.
What can and can’t DJs play on the air?
We encourage DJs to play any music that they feel fits into their respective show genre. Music must be “clean”, meaning no cursing or indecent material, and the DJ and the music must follow all University, State, and Federal laws and regulations.
Can DJs have guests or take calls over the air?
URH policy allows each show to have 2 guests in the studio. If a DJ wishes to have more guests for a special reason, they must first obtain permission from the Program Coordinator. Also, we do have the ability to take calls live on the air.
Can URH host live bands or other live events?
We have that capability to host live in studio performances. If you are interested in being a DJ and having live music on your shows, please contact the General Manager after applying. URH is already planning to host and broadcast forums on a broad range of issues.
When can I do my show?
Time slots are assigned by the Program Director. Almost all time slots are 2 hours in length.

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