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Meet URH's 2020-21 Staff

Meet our Fall ʻ20 DJs


Michael Taylor

General Manager

Michael Smiling and giving a shaka from inside the whisperroom studio Aloha Vulcans! I'm Michael "Mike" Taylor, the current General Manager for KUHH 101.1 FM University Radio Hilo (URH). I'm a Political Science and Administration of Justice dual major, entering my Senior Year in the Fall '20 semester I grew up around a father, who's also a Mike Taylor, who was a DJ for various Oahu clubs in the '80s and worked for multiple local radio stations before settling down and starting a family. As a result, I've taken after my dad and have an absolute love for music and broadcasting. My goals for URH are to incorporate more student voice and opinion on air. I hope to get more students excited, not only about the music they love to share, but also the broadcasting and story telling that radio provides. I hope we get to hear some of your voices on air soon!

Listen to "On the Mic with Mike" Mondays at Noon

Eseta Livai

Promotions and News Coordinator

Eseta Smiling Aloha! My name is Eseta Livai (Eseta Livai on Facebook). I am a junior here at the UH Hilo Majoring in Communication, working towards my Bachelors while also planning to get my certificate in Education. If you’re ever looking, you can find me at my new job position as the promotions coordinator for URH. I’ve always had a talent for making things more fun and entertaining, so what better way to demonstrate it than here at the URH’s radio station."

Listen to _____ Weekly at : TBD

Trevor Bak

Program and Music Coordinator

Trevor in a collared shirt Aloha! I’m Trevor Bak, a graduate student in the tropical conservation biology and environmental science program. I am the program coordinator here at URH where I help hire and train DJs/talk show hosts and also work to improve the variety of music in our catalogue. I also aim to promote local talent in Hilo.

Listen to "DJ Cypher" Thursdays at 6pm


Sasha Kauwale

Sasha wearing facemask in URH WhisperRoom Studio Aloha ! My name is Sasha Kauwale and I am a Communication major set to graduate in the Fall ‘20 semester! I have an expansive knowledge, interest and passion for music and the connections we make within ourselves and each other through it. I enjoy spending time with my family, doing some form of art (may it be musical or otherwise) and spreading aloha everywhere I go! My goals for URH is to learn more about the field of broadcasting and media, share my experiences and hopefully make some people laugh along the way with a developed weekly DJ show, to be announced

Listen to "Sister Sauce" Fridays at 8pm

Michaela Wong

Michaela standing to the right, smiling, while petting a corgi Aloha! My name is Michaela, and I am a freshman majoring in Marine Science. I just moved here from San Francisco, California. I grew up listening to country and 60s/70s rock, but I'll listen to pretty much anything – lately, I've really been getting into Hozier, some of the current R&B, and disco. While at URH, I plan to promote LGBTQ+ visibility and create an environment of mutual respect, no matter a person's gender or sexual orientation. When I'm not at the station, you can catch me playing sports (especially basketball and soccer), at the beach, or just chilling with friends!

Listen to "LGBTea with Michaela and Joshua" Thursdays at 11am

Josiah Loving

Josiah taking a selfie looking down at camera, LED lights in background Hi I’m Josiah Loving. My favorite thing to do is surf and hang out at the beach with family and friends. Anything dangerous and exciting outdoors is my type of thing. When I was twelve my older brother inspired me to learn guitar and I have been playing ever since. That is my second favorite hobby. I love listening to music so much that I often feel like sharing it with others. Because of this I’ve always been the family DJ, I even managed the music at my sister’s wedding a few years ago. Music has the capability to speak to people in a special way. That’s why I’m bringing Christian rap and alternative Christian music to URH. I also hope to learn how to mix so that I can create some remixes that blend my guitar style with some of my favorite songs.

Listen to "DJ Loving" Wednesdays at 5pm

Taylor "Uʻilani" Barongan

Ui tilting head behind tree branches next to the ocean Aloha! My name is U’ilani Jams. I am an artist, musician, photographer, author, and local student advocate. In my spare time, I enjoy paddleboarding, reading, hiking, listening to music from the ’50s-’70s, and working on my present artistic endeavors. Though I could easily list ten pages of my favorite musical artists, here are a few I consider my top ten: The Black Keys, Alexandra Savior, Green Day, Hozier, Elle King, Jack Johnson, Kaleo, Sublime, Billie Eilish, The Beatles. While at URH, I aspire to introduce new musical artists to the island of Hawaii in order to expand Hawaii’s musical interests. Additionally, I want to be the voice that connects our community. I want to integrate ideas of aloha, communication, and empowerment into my shows to better all of our listeners. Knowledge and aloha are two key concepts that are very important to me and I hope to bring those concepts to URH. I am in the process of scheduling my weekly radio shows.

Listen to "Uʻilani Jams" Thursdays at 1pm

Caroline Hope Karson

Caroline giving a double shaka while smiling in the URH WhisperRoom Studio Aloha my full name is Caroline Hope Karson, aka DJ Hope. My current hobbies include swimming and surfing (in general being in da water), spending time in nature, and exploring around the Big Island. My musical interests consist of Reggae, Pop, Hip-Hop, Latino Music, Greek Music, House Music... I truly love all music.I plan to share my music collection with the UHHilo/Big Island community with the goal of spreading hope and positive party vibrations with all :) It's been a tough time in the world and we need some good energy flowing. They say that music heals, so come party with me on KUHH 101.1FM Hilo Radio.

I hope you enjoy my diverse tunes ;)

Let's take care of each other ❤️ Aloha

Listen to "DJ Hope" Tuesdays at 2pm

Joshua Dylin Baldonado

Joshua Taking a stoic selfie with a starry blue background My name is Joshua. I like to swim, practice color guard work, and engulfing myself in music. My plan while in URH is to host a weekly talk show with my friend. We are going to be talking about growing up in the LGBT community and to give advice for those wanting to learn or having issues. I, personally, miss my fur babies back at home.

Listen to "LGBTea with Joshua and Michaela" Thursdays at 11am

Adrian Perkins

Adrian standing in front of boats and a mountain range Thanks for coming guys, my name's Adrian. I'm from Minnesota and I transferred here this semester. I transferred because I've had a fascination with islands and their people since I was young. In all honesty, I watched Lilo and Stitch too many times. Nonetheless I am trying to learn more about the culture and the language of Hawai'i. In my free time, you'll either catch me listening to my "old" CDs, playing soccer, traveling, or learning random facts on Google, Youtube, Britannica, etc. While I'm at URH I'd like to introduce all types of genres and eras of music that we often don't listen to in our everyday routines. I'll play sounds you've heard, songs you haven't heard, and even artists that you probably wouldn't have known existed unless you tuned in. With that said, I hope y'all make the most of your day and feel free to tune in to my show Lost and Found on KUHH 101.1 FM.

Listen to "Lost and Found with DJ December" Sundays at 7pm