Current Ka Lama Ku Student Leadership Award Winners

Ka Lama Ku Student Leadership Recognition Awards is held annually at the University of Hawaiʻi Hilo. The recognition award's recognizes the contributions students have made in their formal and informal leadership roles on campus and in their community. The program acknowledges individuals, groups, teams or organizations who have shown strong evidence of their leadership potential.

Congratulations to our 2021 Ka Lama Ku Award winners!

Alina Ramos

Alaka‘i- Alina Ramos


Leaders inspire, excite, and provide commitment toward shared goals. They are role models who leading by example. They inspire and empower others to work towards a common goal.

Alina Ramos

  • Natural Science Living Learning Community (LLC) Resident Assistant in University Housing
  • UH Hilo Relay for Life Event Leadership Team

Alina was nominated for her ability to organize and lead, keep the student staff of residence life on track. She took on mentorship roles due to her experience with residence life and she went above and beyond in her positions to ensure that returning students felt at home and connected which was difficult to do because of COVID-19.

Michael Taylor

‘Ike Pāpālua- Michael Taylor

To have the gift of vision

Leaders often need to  “navigate unknown waters” and act upon situations and challenges that are beyond their expectations. They take risks that others would avoid, create change, and effectively communicate a shared vision for an organization.

Michael Taylor

  • University Radio Hilo (URH) General Manager
  • Major: Political Science
  • Minor: Japanese Studies, Computer Science, History

Michael was nominated and selected for his ability to see the potential and future of University Radio Hilo. Under Michaelʻs leadership URH has almost doubled in staff boasting the largest list of DJʻs in recent history. He also spent considerable time helping to build some strong foundations for the organization. Especially working on branding, recurring programming, and most notably getting URH to be a live broadcast online in addition to their FM broadcast in Hilo. His vision for the future of URH is coming to fruition and he has set the organization up for success as he graduates this May.

Allison Dupre

Kuleana- Allison Dupre

We are accountable and responsible

Leaders instill and motivate others toward solutions, have respect, ho‘ihi, toward others and are effective communicators. They demonstrate problem-solving for positive action, communicate effectively and empowers others to work together.

Allison Dupre

  • Program Coordinator for the UH Hilo Womanʻs Center
  • UH Hilo Student Representative- UH system Commission for the Status of Women
  • Major: Business Administration in Healthcare Management

Allison was nominated and selected because of her humble commitment to student centered programming and services with a focus on equity for marginalized communities. Allison has committed her time and energy to creating and advocating for institutionalized systems that will better student life at UH Hilo including securing funds and resources for reproductive health, menstruation equity, and spaces for LGBTQA+ students.

Lindsey Rohlf

Laulima- Lindsey Rohlf

No task is too big when done by all

Leaders recognize the importance of teamwork, networking, and collaboration and they motivate others to make a difference every day. They gain the trust and respect of others by encouraging people to work together.

Lindsey Rohlf

  • Senior Resident Assistant in University Housing
  • Major: Marine Science

Lindsey was nominated and selected because of her ability to foster and maintain community in the midst of a global pandemic. Lindsey was able to be adaptable and work with her team to help residents who were being displaced and moved due to COVID-19 restrictions. Lindsey was able to empower other staff, develop community building opportunities and bring her Residence Hall together.

Bruce Torres Fischer

Mālama - Bruce Torres Fischer

Taking care of others and community

Leaders demonstrate care for the land, family, and/or spirituality. This is often through civic and social engagement. Leaders have deep respect and honor for others and accept their responsibilities unconditionally.

Bruce Torres Fischer

  • Member of the Importance of Place Strategic Doing Committee for Campus
  • Podcast Producer for Ka Leo o ka Uluau Podcast
  • Major: Master of Artʻs in Hawaiian Language

Bruce was nominated and selected due to his superior work with the Strategic Doing Committees and this proposal and planning for the Ka Leo o ka Uluau podcast. He demonstrated exceptional care for the island of Hawai`i and for the collective experiences of the UH Hilo community. This care was a catalyst for his work on the podcast and he has been able to bring together people from across campus and the community to make the podcast possible. The podcast is available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

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