Student Leadership Recognition Awards

Ka Lama Ku Student Leadership Recognition Awards is held annually at the University of Hawaiʻi Hilo. The recognition award's recognizes the contributions students have made in their formal and informal leadership roles on campus and in their community. The program acknowledges individuals, groups, teams or organizations who have shown strong evidence of their leadership potential.

Ka Lama Ku Awards Table

2019-2020 Nomination Forms:

2019-2020 Individual and Group Nomination Forms will open in Fall 2019.

The five leadership categories are:

  • Alaka‘i - Leadership
    Recognizes individuals or groups who lead with initiative, provides role modeling, and mentors new leaders. An Alakaʻi inspires, excites, and provides commitment toward shared goals. Serves as a role model by leading by example. Inspires and empowers others to work towards a common goal. Serves as a coach or mentor to new leaders. Fosters motivation and encouragement.
  • ‘Ike Pāpālua - To have the gift of vision:
    Recognizes student leaders who have the courage and discipline to “navigate unknown waters” and act upon situations and challenges that are beyond their expectations. Takes risks that others would avoid. Creates change. Effectively communicates a shared vision for an organization. Ensures that others embrace change.
  • Kuleana - We are accountable and responsible:
    Recognizes student leaders who instill and motivate others toward solutions, have respect, ho‘ihi, toward others and are effective communicators. Demonstrates problem-solving for positive action. Communicates effectively and empowers others to work together. Transforms challenges into opportunities. Organizes and mobilizes others toward solutions and goals.
  • Laulima - No task is too big when done by all:
    Recognizes teamwork, networking, and collaboration in a group of students who motivate others to make a difference every day. Gains the trust and respect of others by encouraging people to work together. Networks and collaborates with others. Motivates others to make a difference every day. Organizes and mobilizes individuals into groups to accomplish a shared vision.
  • Mālama - Taking care of others and community:
    Malama recognizes individuals who take care of others and our community. Demonstrates care for the land, family, and/or spirituality. Demonstrates civic and social engagement. Has deep respect and honor for others. Accepts responsibilities unconditionally.
Malama 'Aina
Taking care of the land and the environment.
Malama 'Ohana
Taking care of our families.
Malama Akua
Nurturing spirituality.