Kanilehua—UH Hilo’s Art and Literary Magazine

Aloha Vulcans! Welcome to Kanilehua. We are your student-run art and literary magazine. We are a program under the Board of Student Publications, and we are excited to serve you. If you are interested in getting involved you can contact us. To submit your work, please visit our submission page for more detailed information.

The best way to contact Kanilehua is via email at uhhkani@hawaii.edu. Please email us with your questions or to schedule an appointment.

Kanilehua is currently accepting applications for the 2022-2023 academic year. You can find our application here. Once it is filled out, please turn it in to Campus Center 210.

2022 Kanilehua Are you interested in submitting your art or literary work to this years 2022-2023 publication? Visit our submissions page, for more information and the submission form.

First Priority Deadline: October 31, 2022

Second Priority Deadline: November 30, 2022

Final Deadline: January 20, 2023

Welcome UH Hilo Students

All UH Hilo students are still able to access our current 2021-2022 publication. You can pick one up at our publication stands which can be found across campus. If you are not able to pick one up, please email us at uhhkani@hawaii.edu to have one mailed to you. Check out the new publication stands and get your 2021-2022 copy of Kanilehua today! We are committed to showcasing the diversity and creative works of our UH Hilo students. We hope you consider getting published.

Mission Statement

Kanilehua aspires to showcase the creative fiction, non-fiction, poetry, visual, and multi-media arts interests of UH Hilo students. Kanilehua seeks to provide students with models of quality work and promote creative art and literature. Kanilehua strives to promote the positive voice of creative arts in the community, believing art is inspiration in all forms.

Check out the videos from our most recent events!

We invite you to watch recordings of our most recent events. You can find our interview with author Lowis Lowery below, or you can check out our Youtube page linked in our sidebar to view all offerings.