Hohonu Submissions

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To be eligible to submit work for the 2023-2024 academic year you must:

  • Be an active UH Hilo student during either the Fall 2023 and/or Spring 2024 academic year
  • Fall 2023 graduates are eligible to submit
  • Submissions must be original work
  • Submissions must have been written for, or in conjunction with, a UH Hilo class or affiliated program (such as PIPES)


  • Submission must not exceed 4500 words including references, work cited, etc.
  • Exceptions may be made for capstone thesis and works done for graduate level classes. If you are interested in submitting with this exception please contact the Hohonu team at hohonu@hawaii.edu.

If you meet these criteria we are excited to publish your work.

Cover Art Contest


The theme for this year's Hohonu Academic Journal is development of community and its role in our growth. As UH Hilo fully reopens, we’re seeing the unique opportunities that once dominated this campus arise once more. Through our UH Hilo ʻohana, we foster personal and academic growth. For the cover art submission, we want to submit the work you feel best represents our unique campus ‘ohana, and its aid in the journeys of our students. The cover art should highlight the unique voices at the campus and the supportive community which serves to ultimately make academic writing accessible. So please, send us what you feel best represents the theme and what you think would help catch the attention of UH Hilo students.


  • Must be a current student at UH Hilo or HawCC.
  • Must be 8.5"x11" in size (with the large possibility of adding possible 1/2"-1" in the middle for perfect binding)
  • Please note that you may be asked to resize your submission at a later date
  • Must be hand or digitally drawn, no photographs allowed, but must be submitted as a .pdf (Digital file), .ai (Illustrator file), or .eps file to preserve PPI (Image Quality). If only able to submit as a psd. (Photoshop) file, please contact bospch@hawaii.edu for further instruction.