About Hohonu

Hohonu, which means “deep, profound” in Hawaiian, celebrated its inaugural issue, as a journal reaching out to the faculty and students of University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo, as well as the community, in the fall of 2003. It is now reaching out to the world at large with this web site.

Hohonu aspires to showcase the quality and diversity of the writing styles and interests of UH Hilo students. Through Hohonu, the UH Hilo Board of Student Publications seeks to provide students with models of good work, reward the writers, and promote academic writing. In this way Hohonu is contributing to meaningful discourse and enhancing the educational atmosphere on campus and around the world.

Hohonu features non-fiction academic writing in any format and on any subject. The work on this web site displays a wide variety of student writing, including personal reaction papers, analysis, argument, review, and research papers.

Hohonu wishes to thank the student authors for their contributions. Their accomplishments are a part of the success of the collegiate educational process as a whole. Hohonu also appreciates the efforts of Luke Bailey and John Cole, whose inspiration and energy resulted in the creation of this journal and web site of academic writing.

Mahalo (thank you) to Graphics Services for their help in the design and publication of the journal. Hohonu also recognizes the work of the founding student editors, Alicia Cuttrell, Andy Gramlich, and Kalyan Meola (Volume I, 2003). In addition Hohonu acknowledges the work of Cheryl Berg, Heather Gannon, and Angel Gramlich along with the founding editors (Volume 2, 2004).

Hohonu is a program of the UH Hilo Board of Student Publications. For more information, please visit their website.

Check out this video made by Heather Padilla, 2019-2020 EIC:

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