CSO Funding Committee Guidelines

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The UH Hilo Chartered Student Organization (CSO) Funding Committee serves as an advisory committee to the UH Hilo CSOs including the UH Hilo Student Association (UHHSA), Student Activities Council (SAC), Board of Student Publications (BOSP), Board of Media Broadcasting (BOMB), and Campus Center Fee Board (CCFEE).

The purpose of this committee is to provide opportunities to UH Hilo Registered Independent Student Organizations (RISOs) to request financial support to develop their own programming and services at UH Hilo. The mandatory student fees are collected and expended in accordance with each CSO’s mission and philosophy. Providing funding for RISOs is optional and no CSO is required to make funding available to RISOs.

Application Requirements

  • RISOs must be approved by the RISO office at the time that the application is submitted.
  • Your target audience shall be UH Hilo students as the funding requested for this program or service is derived from UH Hilo student fees.
  • The CSO Funding Committee will advertise at least one award cycle per year. Subject to availability of funds, the Committee may initiate additional application cycles. All application cycles will be announced to the campus community via Announcements and Events and the UH Hilo app.
  • Activities and projects being proposed must take place during the current academic year.
    • For academic year 2020-2021: Activities and projects being proposed must take place between Monday, January 11, 2021 and Friday, May 14, 2021
  • The CSO application form is available online via the CSO Funding Committee website. Review the application in its entirety before completing the application. If you have questions, please email them to the CSO Funding Committee (uhhcsofc@hawaii.edu) well in advance of the application deadline.
  • All applications must be form-filled and may be submitted via email or hardcopy. Hand written applications will not be accepted and will be returned. If you need additional space to answer questions, you may use additional paper. However, any question(s) being answered on another sheet shall include the question number and questions and responses shall be in the same order as on the application. Use a header line that clearly identifies the additional sheet is for your group’s application.
  • All applications must have signatures from the RISO President and RISO Advisor.
  • Completed applications may be emailed to (uhhcsofc@hawaii.edu) or dropped off to the attention of the CSO Funding Committee, c/o Matthew Kalahiki , Campus Center Building rm 210. The individuals above will receive email acknowledgments of their applications within 48 business hours. The acknowledgments will not specify the completeness of applications.

Review of Application

  • Incomplete applications will not accepted and applicants are reminded to fully review their applications before final submittal.
  • All funding requests are capped at $1000.00
    • The funding committee will not consider any additional funding beyond this limit.
    • However, if an event requires more than the $1000.00 cap, it can be presented to a CSO as a collaborative possibility.
    • Applicants may not request funding from both a CSO and the Committee for the same event.
  • There is no limit to the number of requests that you make to the Committee; each request will be reviewed on it’s own merit and considered for funding.
  • The Funding Committee will only consider the following requests:
    • Fundraising (optional for approved RISOs only)
      • Items to resell
      • Supplies to hold a fundraiser (i.e. car wash supplies)
    • Events
      • Supplies & Giveaways (NOT PRIZES)
      • Food and Refreshments
        • Cost should be between $5-$20 per participant
      • Group/Individual Services (i.e. service fees for guest speakers, presenters)
      • Graphics Services (i.e. flyers, table cloths, banners, promotional materials, posters)
      • Travel (i.e. airfare and/or lodging for speakers and presenters)
      • Equipment
    • Promotional giveaways with organizational logo
      • Should have the intent to promote your organization
      • The UH Hilo logo can only be used by non-RISOs as authorized by University policy
  • The CSO Funding Committee will not consider the following requests:
    • Prizes
    • Stipends
    • Reimbursements
    • Tickets/Vouchers
    • Gift Certificates/Gift Cards
    • Items used for the operations of the organization
      • i.e. fees incurred by group, school supplies, membership dues
    • Travel for the RISO or individuals with in the RISO
      • See UHHSA Hilo Ambassador program for UH Hilo student travel funding
    • Operational Supplies & Equipment
  • All applications submitted by the deadline will be evaluated before awards are determined to ensure the most appropriate use of student fees. The Committee reserves the choice to award an amount less than requested.

Notification of Award

  • Notification of awards will be emailed to the person and address provided on the application forms. Funded proposals will be posted on the CSO Funding Committee website via the Campus Center website.

Responsibility of Awardee

  • Award recipients are responsible for working directly with their assigned CSO and CSO representative to ensure that the paperwork is completed by set deadlines.
  • Award recipients must follow all CSO fiscal policies and procedures. Applicants who are not familiar with CSO fiscal procedures are responsible for consulting with the CSO’s representative assigned to them. Failure to do so may result in the award being forfeited.
  • Awardees must submit a post-event report to the Committee thirty (30) business days after the end of the funded activity. This report must include a copy of any advertising and photos, if available, of the activity. Failure to submit a complete post-event report may negatively impact the awardees’ eligibility for future funding.