Budget Office

Budget Director Duties

Title of Position: Budget Director, Institutional Support
Reports to: Pos. No. 89098, Vice Chancellor for Administrator Affairs
Position No. 78142
Campus: University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo
Office: Administrative Affairs
Hours: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday

Responsibilities of the Budget Director

The Budget Director reports directly to the Vice Chancellor for Administrative Affairs, serving as chief budgetary advisor on policies and procedures, regulations and statutes promulgated by the Board of Regents, President, state agencies and/or the Legislature on current or potential areas of concern. Period reporting and updates are provided to the VCAA as a result of the following duties that are carried out on a routine basis:

  • Review, analyze, evaluate and recommend long and short range budget plans for major units at UH Hilo with consideration of the overall objectives of the University.
  • Responsible for all related budget preparation documents, including the development of current service worksheets, budget request documentation, budget support worksheets, BJ tables, etc.
  • Review, evaluate and submit the biennium and supplemental operating budget requests for the University of Hawaii at Hilo, with recommendations on priorities of program requests.
  • Review, evaluate, and advise major units at UH Hilo as to multi-year program financial plans, program objectives, level of program activities, resource requirements, and program effectiveness.
  • Provide overall leadership, direction, technical advice, and assistance in UH Hilo’s budgetary formulation, analysis, review, and control processes.
  • Prepare and submit the annual Measures of Effectiveness and Variance reports.
  • Review, monitor and prepare quarterly reports on actual and estimated revenues and expenditures. Gather and input data into the University’s web-based BLS system.
  • Serves as the liaison to the University Budget Office to coordinate all budget functions as required by administrative procedures, directives, laws, and policy decisions.
  • Review, analyze, recommend and implement resource allocations and budget requirements for the execution of the approved operating budget.
  • Evaluate expenditure patterns to assure all critical needs are met and the budget is balanced. Prepare the A19, Operational Expenditure Plan and narrative.
  • Review, coordinate and monitor actual and projected tuition and fee revenues and expenditures.
  • Analyze impact of tuition and fee increases and their relationship with the general fund allocation. Determine funding mix requirements.
  • Prepare and submit complete and final reports pertaining to requirements relating to budget matters and financial data.
  • Recommend alternative methods to finance programs. Establish budgetary control procedures for UH Hilo on forecasted financial requirements and availability of funds.
  • Prepare, analyze, and interpret reports of department financial conditions.
  • Assist in the development of fiscal policies and financial plans and controls for UH Hilo.
  • Research and recommend alternatives to rectify administrative and operational problems.
  • Participate in the review of budget requests from the UH Hilo programs. Prepare summaries for the VC for Administrative Affairs and other reviewing entities. Make recommendations on the requests.

In the absence of the VC for Administrative Affairs, the Budget Director assumes responsibility, authority and acts accordingly on issues and problems requiring interpretation and analysis of policies, procedures, regulations and circumstances as it relates to assigned areas. The Budget Director attends meetings with or on behalf of the VCAA on budget related matters and meets with staff of the System Offices to resolve budget related problems. When requested, explanation of policy, procedures and instruction on budget execution to major units at UH Hilo is necessary to provide guidance in the development of a specific program and expenditure plans to implement legislative and executive policies regarding budget.

  • Serve as source of staff support for a college, institute or program in a specialty area, providing technical advice in the specialty, perform complex evaluations and resolve difficult problems in the specialty.
  • Interact with legislative staff in support of budget requests and legislation to enhance the academic quality and growth of UH Hilo.
  • Develop, recommend and implement budget policies and guidelines for the preparation of the biennium and supplemental budget requests for UH Hilo.
  • Develop the criteria, formats and guidelines to be used by UH Hilo programs in the preparation of their biennium and supplemental budget requests.
  • Meet with the Deans, Directors and other administrative staff to clarify the budgetary requirements, answer questions related to the preparation of the budget to assist the programs in the preparation of their requests.
  • Coordinate UH Hilo’s responses to inquiries and requests from the Board of Regents and System Offices on UH Hilo’s allocation and expenditures.

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