Jualin Guting

Jualin Guting's photo

Name: Jualin Sable Guting 
Major: Pharmacy
Where I am from: Waipio, O‘ahu
Role at UH Hilo: 2nd Year Grad Student, Executive Chair for the Board of Media Broadcasting
What’s your passion?: 
My passion is being able to give back to my community.

How would you describe your personal journey in life?: 
My personal journey in life has been a rough road, but with every obstacle that comes my way I am able to fight through the hardships. 

What makes the program unique?: 
I am a part of the Daniel K. Inouye College of Pharmacy Program and what makes it unique is that it is the only pharmacy school within the State of Hawai‘i. 

What would you tell someone who is thinking about coming to UH Hilo?: 
If someone from another island is thinking about coming to UH Hilo I would say do because it is a home away from home. Being someone from O‘ahu there was a big difference in the pace of life. Hilo is a laidback city where you can focus more on self care and school. 

What is the most important lessons you’ve learned in life or at UH Hilo?: 
The most important lesson I have learned is that being away at college I had to grow up and do things on my own. Being involved around campus has challenged me to step outside of my comfort zone and become a leader to my fellow colleagues.

Who has been the biggest influence on your life? What lessons did that person teach you?: 
The biggest influence in my life is my mom. She has always been by my side and supported me when no did. The lesson that my mom has instilled in me is that I should always put myself first before anyone else.

What are you most proud of?: 
I am most proud of myself and getting to where I am today in pharmacy school because it has always been my dream to pursue this career. I still did what others thought I couldn’t and that makes me happy to say that I did it.

How would you like to be remembered?: 
I would like to be remembered as the one with a kind heart who is willing to help anyone in any situation. Being a student at UH Hilo I want to be remembered as the student who made a difference in many ways possible.