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UH Hilo Sustainability Blog

Zero Waste at UH Hilo

Waste Management on Main Campus

UH Hilo’s Zero Waste Plan is dependent on various aspects of waste generated on main campus that analyzed:

  • Educational Signage
  • Sustainability education
  • Composting Services
  • Waste Stream Internalization

We spend a lot of money hauling trash from the campus to take it to a horribly over-taxed landfill. We also spend a lot of money buying soil and fertilizer for our Agriculture program. UH Hilo has diverted hundreds of gallons of compost from our trash during fall’16 and spring’17 semesters. We plan to do the same thing in the coming semesters and significantly increase the amount waste to be composted on campus by diverting the waste hauled to the landfills through our innovative waste diversion systems up to 70% by year 2030.