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UH Hilo Sustainability Blog

Bike Share Program

UH Hilo started a Bike Sharing program in 2015, It has been a great success.  Bikes that are left on campus after each academic year are collected, repaired, and painted red.  They are available for students to borrow for free from the campus concierge.

The Sustainability committee supports the bike sharing program, and would like to see it expanded. Several other schools have implemented similar programs, ranging from very informal to highly regimented, with automated checkout and return systems (parking.uci.edu/zotwheels/about.cfm).  UH Hilo can observe the policies, disclaimers and waivers used at other universities to inform our own.

Stony brook university has perhaps an overly regimented system, with subscriptions, late-fees, and hourly billing.  They also have a fleet of pricier bikes: stonybrook.edu/sustainability/biking-at-stony-brook/wolf-ride-bike-share-faq.shtml

The list of List of Bike Sharing systems on Wikipedia is long.  So clearly, UH Hilo is not alone in this endeavor.  As we have such a rich field of comparable programs from which to cherry-pick the best ideas, it is the hope of the Sustainability Committee that UH Hilo’s bike share program can increase ridership and usability with each academic year.

Next Steps:

If a grant could be found and won to build out this concept, Hilo is uniquely suited to a fleet of pedal-assist e-bikes, and could use integrated tracking to keep track of bikes and ensure their return.  If we want to promote green travel, then help students get the last ½ kilometer up the hill to the University.  The leading bike in this area, the specialized turbo series, is coming down in price ($3000 for basic version)  and features a bluetooth power control system that will help riders plan their journey and power consumption. specialized.com/us/en/bikes/turbo/