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UH Hilo Sustainability Blog

What’s Happening at UH Hilo?

Thursday, March 2, 2017, 10:29am by

Since the early weeks of the semester, your UH Hilo Sustainability Team has been off to an incredibly effective start.

New to our campus, is an establish Sustainability Coalition of the University of Hawaii at Hilo (SCUHH). Comprised of this coalition is the UH administrative sustainability committee, UHHSA sustainability committee and the newest entity- the Students of Sustainability (S.O.S). Together, the 3 groups have been working efficiently to implement new sustainable systems and policy’s on campus.

Of the main focus┬áprojects right now is the Waste Diversion Program. Since last semester, students have been working to divert as much waste that would otherwise head for the landfill to composted quality soil product. Last semester, the students of Professor Norman Arancon’s Ag294 class were able to divert 140lb. of solid waste material. UHH S.O.S has taken over the project┬áthis semester and is working to expand the composting arenas to the dorms, Hale Kehau Dining Hall and the remaining buildings. Currently there are 2 waste stations composed of a dry paper waste, compost, recycle and landfill bin at the following locations:

(2) UCB

(2) Campus Center Plaza

(2) Library Lanai

In association┬áto this project, the sustainability committee has been working on a campus wide waste analysis study, mainly focusing on the waste generated via our 3rd party food vendors on campus and alternative solutions. Certain policy’s are working to be established such as a institutional wide ban on Sytrofoam. Any commentary on this behalf is encouraged and can be submitted to

S.O.S is also working on construction of two large waste stations for the main campus SODEXO dining hall. These waste stations will replace the current waste options in place and encourage students to sort their waste accordingly. Anyone interested in volunteering for construction of these bins can contact S.O.S.

The University of Hawaii’s 5th annual Sustainability Summit is approaching this┬ámonth, March 16-18th at UH Manoa Campus. Your SOS Executive Committee will be attending in hopes to collaborate with other campus’s with new innovative plans to sustain our entire system, ultimately contributing to healthier and happier island wide communities!

Me ka ‘oia’i’o (sincerely),
Alexis Stubbs
(808) 895-7765
UHH Students of Sustainability (S.O.S) President
Sustainability Intern of University of Hawaii, Hilo
Student Sustainability Coalition of Hawai’i
UH Sustainability
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Students of Sustainability

Tuesday, February 7, 2017, 1:44pm by

Aloha mai k─ükou, Interested to bringing more Sustainable practices to our Hilo Campus?

Join Students of Sustainability. Next meeting is Today! 2/7/17

5:00pm in the College of Agriculture (CANFRM) Building Room 201.

Why Manage Out Waste?

Thursday, November 10, 2016, 7:31pm by

Simple…. Because it matters!

Leaving a minimal foot print is ideal when it comes to sustainability practice. It is important to acknowledge this here in Hawaiʻi, as the most secluded landmass on earth.

The world is demanding our attention through pronounced temperature changes and sea level rises around the world. We have seen more environmental disasters in recent years than ever before, bringing us closer to a threshold impact on the earthʻs systems. It is no longer a matter of if, but a matter of when. 

It is up to us as the leaders of future generations to change our wasteful habits. 

UH Students Take on Waste on Campus

Thursday, November 10, 2016, 6:47pm by

For a solution to be truly sustainable, it must have a positive return to environment and society. This semester, Norman Arancon, associate professor of horticulture, has introduced a course that is structured and provided opportunity to do just that. Prof. Arancon has designed his course, AG 294 (Agricultural Waste Management: Composting and Vermicomposting) as a co-curricular organization, to take lead on a pilot waste management program on our University of HawaiÔÇśi at Hilo campus. (more…)

2016 UH Sustainability Summit

Thursday, September 29, 2016, 8:12pm by

Short article on the 2016 Sustainability Summit!

“Food waste and recycling, baseline accounting to measure progress, energy reduction measures, and ways of better engaging the campus community to participate in sustainability efforts were discussed at statewide summit….”

Read the full article at UH Hilo Stories

UH Hilo participants at the 2016 Sustainability Summit