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UH Hilo Sustainability Blog

Sustainability Committee Meeting Notes : 2.22.17

Sustainability Committee Meeting Notes : 2.22.17

Agenda items

Blue Zones project

Kolin reports: Bluezones signage is now up on campus, in far off parking spots.
Kalei has passed torch to Misty Pacheco at KES and Michelle Sylvester at the Library.
Initial web page has been created <hilo.hawaii.edu/bluezones/> based off of Ka Lono article.

Facilities Management

  • Energy Storage project out to bid – job site is outside STB. Bids close in March.
  • Energy Manager Position – still unfilled after twice offering the position. Was APT, but not filled, so job description revised,

Energy Reinvestment Account

  • 1000$ energy rebate received in end of January; another one is pending for library, the total ($5K+) will be returned to the Energy Savings Reinvestment Account.
  • Power lights → Bi-level LED upgrade is pending. Bidder is working on modifying the drivers to avoid needing filters to protect from light pollution….
  • On Energy Rebate: Hawaii Energy started working on rebate 10 years ago, before that it was HELCO. Historically, we had over 150K $ in reduced power charges.
  • EKH walkway is the sample of the best solution – bi level LED lights.
  • Idea: Develop an overview article about the different kinds of lighting solutions.
  • Procurement of Bucket Truck is in the works – We bought the truck chassis, bucket manufacturer has it, and it is in the process of being returned. Expected arrival this summer.
  • Kevin (Electrictician) has been prioritizing internal lighting replacement, so future time can be dedicated to outside replacement of pole lights. Spending $500,000 capital to do away with a 700,000 spending, and labor will be done in-house. End result, 200k savings, plus we will own the bucket truck.
  • Dimmers: installation of dimmable LEDs proceeding in UCB upper floors. Doing maximum usage buildings first will maximize savings. AC costs are also reduced for LEDs.
  • All buildings have energy monitors built in to them, as many of four in UCB, STB… Data is generated via EMON – meters are built into the buildings. Can these be connected to LeedOn.io dynamic wall plaque or similar display?

S-Designation Courses:

  • Curriculum committee got through 29 courses in a semester.
  • Certificate development is pending – which courses would be placed within the certificate . A hybrid certificate is being considered.
  • Publicity for approved courses is necessary – Students of Sustainability could be an option for tabling / promotion…
  • S-designation courses are listed at http://hilo.hawaii.edu/sustainability/courses/courses.php

5th Annual sustainability Summit:

  • Intake Application process for the 5th annual Sustainability Summit.
  • Curriculum ideas is the focus, including the -S designated courses. March 16-18, 2017
  • E-poster necessary to share S-designated classes with potential students, social medial

Students of Sustainability:

  • Secured funds from UHHSA to ramp up food collection efforts. Building sort stations for food waste is ongoing. Alexis is installing industrial size sort stations, with recycle, landfill, compost – those will replace the existing trash bins.
  • Sort station creation will be pending. Creating a plan to assemble the materials…
    Plan → quote → UHHSA funding → puchase materials → Kolin will send out for HawCC carpentry students to assemble this summer.
  • UHHSA allocated 1500$ for student led sustainability / campus greening projects….
    At the stage now where they need to determine eligibility / award requirements.
  • Waste-Station manpower is needed for future events.
  • Collaboration between 3 sustainability groups – this committee, the Students of Sustainability group, and UHHSA.

Earth Fair:

  • Schools are signing up, 21st of April, Friday. New Gym reserved.
  • Keynote in the morning – Hula groups, Merrie Monarch tie-ins.
    Students want a post-earth day celebration concert – 3 or 4pm.