Stategic Planning / Action Plan: Facilitating conversations around with the UH Hilo ʻOhana

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Please register to participate in this online forum. Registration is quick and easy with just a username and email address. Then, you will be able to engage in conversation through posted messages. We encourage you to review the 9 strategies and the information including actions and deliverables currently listed under each strategy. Your work may overlap with some or all of these strategies and we welcome your thoughts and ideas in all areas. This is a draft and incomplete, awaiting your feedback. Mahalo!

If you prefer to share your ideas, anonymously, please comment via this google form. We welcome your input!


This multi-year action plan was developed in consultation with input from the Chancellor’s Executive Council, with the Student Success Leadership Team, the Strategic Doing Groups, the UH Hilo Hawaiʻi Papa O Ke Ao Plan updated by the Hanakahi Council, and based upon campus feedback collected throughout this Strategic Planning process.

This is an initial draft of the action plan. As described on page 18 of the Strategic Plan, the action plan for year 1 and subsequent years will be developed, based upon feedback from forums like this one.

During this Fall semester, each Action Plan document will be refined.  An implementation plan for each action item will be developed that will include a list of collaborators, timeline, resources needed, goal, and expected impact. These implementation plans will assist in determining the action plan year or years for that action as well as the measurable outcomes, so we can regularly report progress to campus.

The strategies are listed below to encourage comments and discussion around the following leading questions for each strategy:
  • Are there action items that you would like to recommend be included for any of the strategies?
  • Which of these actions are you (or your unit) choosing to sponsor (lead) or actively participate and collaborate with the sponsor?

We welcome and need your ideas! When participating, please do adhere to our campus community’s Social Media Policy.

Acquaint yourself to the draft action plan in the tabular format it will likely appear in later, but make comments and suggestions in this forum.