StudentLingo for UH Hilo

StudentLingo for UH Hilo

We are excited to announce that StudentLingo®️ will be available for our students is now available! UH Hilo students can view online student success workshops 24/7, which is especially important for students who can’t make it to campus or are busy during face-to-face workshops during the course of the day.

We will be integrating StudentLingo into campus initiatives, like First-Year Experience and Mentor Collective and shared with all faculty so they can pass it along to you as additional support during the semester.

Each workshop comes with a list of additional resources for students to access, including the option to print out Certificates of Completion. We look forward to this recent addition that supports our students as they progress toward their academic goals.

Here is a list of modules that will be available for students:

Academic & Career Exploration
  • What It Takes To Be A Successful Student
  • Creating Your College Bucket List: Explore, Experience, Succeed
  • The Difference Between High School and College
Reading & Writing Strategies
  • Reading Comprehension Strategies
Learning to Learn
  • Classroom Expectations & Behaviors
  • Preparing For Final Exams
  • Study Tips & Note-Taking Strategies
  • How To Reduce Test Anxiety
  • Learning Strategies Every Student Should Know
  • Exam Preparation Tips & Test-Taking Strategies
  • How To Overcome Math Anxiety
  • How To Succeed In Math
  • 10 Habits Of Mind For College Success
  • Handling Failure In and Out of the Classroom
Personal Management
  • Time Management: Strategies For Success
  • Overcoming Procrastination: Causes & Cures
  • Financial Literacy: Smart Money Skills For College & Beyond
  • Stress Management Techniques
  • Improving Student-Faculty Relationships
  • How To Develop Your Cross-Cultural Skills
  • Setting & Accomplishing Realistic Goals
Online Learning
  • Effectively Communicating Online
  • Taking Tests Online: Strategies For Success
Success Strategies
  • Success Strategies For Students On Probation
  • Student Veterans: How To Succeed In College
  • Success Strategies For First Generation Students