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Hawaiian Vocabulary

Throughout the Nāaoloa Iāpana blog there will be multiple use of Hawaiian words, a compilation of these words with their translation will be found here.


  1. alakaʻi: student group leader
  2. ʻanakē: aunt, “aunty”
  3. ʻēlemu: buttocks
  4. haumāna: students
  5. Iāpana: Japan
  6. imu: underground oven that cooks using hot rocks and foliage both together providing steam
  7. kumu: teacher
  8. kūpuna: elders
  9. lāʻī: ti-leaf
  10. mālie: calm, serene
  11. makana: gift
  12. mele: song, music
  13. nāaoloa: clouds reaching the most distant worlds
  14. ʻono: delicious
  15. pilina: relationship
  16. pukealo: facebook page
  17. pūmaiʻa: banana stalk