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Cultural Exchange at Tokai University

After Hokkaido University we drove to Tokai University-Sapporo Campus, which was 10 minutes away. Professor and Dean of the University, Hiraki sensei, shared a presentation with us and introduced us to the school. Did you know that there is Tokai University International College in Kapolei? After the presentation from Professor Hiraki we had the opportunity to launa with a group of students and participate in a cultural exchange (many of whom studied abroad at the Tokai University in Oʻahu)!  We started off with an icebreaker and then we got to watch a traditional Yosakoi dance.

We even got to learn some Yosakoi dance moves! After that it was our turn to share some of our Hawaiian culture with the Japanese students. We shared a series of mele and hula that represent our kōleke ʻo Ka Haka ʻUla o Keʻelikōlani as well as the four facets of our Mauli Hawaiʻi [Lawena, ʻŌlelo, ʻIke Kuʻuna, and Pili ʻUhane]. At the end of our presentation, we gifted the students with gifts from Hawaiʻi and we received traditional wooden naruko clapper instruments! Many of us exchanged facebook information and intend to maintain our newfound friendships. It was so amazing to have the opportunity to participate in this exchange of culture with the students of Tokai University.


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