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Breakfast and Meeting at JICE

A lot of us woke up bright and early this morning and were ready for our first full day here in Tokyo!  First thing on the list, check our temperature in the lobby because this is flu season in Japan and we want to make sure that we catch any signs of sickness as soon as possible.


A table with trays of food
One table’s first trip to the buffet

With our ʻōpū, or stomachs, satisfied, we got ready to the scenic route to the JICE meeting.  Luckily, we caught a glimpse of a cherry tree just starting to bloom.  Today is a national holiday because it is the beginning of spring, and also, it will be announced that today starts the sakura season.

Sakura blossoms on a tree

Group photo with sakura trees in bloom behind

One thing that some of us are still getting used to is the height of the buildings here.  The JICE meeting was on the sixteenth floor!  We walked in (a little late, e kala mai!) and they were ready for us with the agenda, some maps, face masks, a poncho, and a very handy phrase guidebook.

Pamphlets and face masks on a desk

They told us about the expectations they have for us and also advice.  Many were happy to see all of the things that we are going to be able to do here!  So many historical places.

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