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Japan Airlines Flight 783, we are READY!! 🙂

The flight felt like a really long time, but luckily we had many movies and games to choose from on our screens, and some of us brought our homework (brought being the keyword).  When we finally landed, it felt really good to get our feet walking and our bodies moving again.

Sunset over the top of a building

We landed at Narita International Airport around 4pm & couldn’t wait to get the show on the road!

At the airport, we went through customs and found two women waiting for us.  They will be our guides here in Japan.  They helped us to get mobile hotspots and also exchange currency.

On the bus from Narita to Shinjuku, Tokyo – it was such a neat drive! We all felt like little kids getting excited over all the lights, trains, and bridges. It was so awesome to drive past Tokyo Disney and Tokyo’s huge Ferris wheels!

Building with lights outlining its edges

Tokyo tower lit up at night

We, the first group, got ready for dinner and went out to Sangendou where we ate garlic chicken, udon, and many sides.

Tray of food

It was so nice to be able to enjoy each other.  It really felt like an old style family dinner since none of us have working technology here.  People were sharing plates and just talking about life.  It was just wonderful.  If that was any indication how the rest of the trip will be, it will definitely be a trip that we will remember forever.

Group photo in an elevator
Getting used to packing all of our bodies in the elevator

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