Moku of Hilo Podcast Episodes Season 1

Episode 1: Hoʻolauna (Introduction)

In this introductory episode, we explore the ahupuaʻa of Waiākea in the moku (district) of Hilo with Drew and Leilani.

Episode 1: In this introductory episode, we explore the ahupuaʻa of Waiākea in the moku (district) of Hilo with our hosts Drew and Leilani. Listen while exploring the StoryMap below of the places they discuss. (Note some devices will allow you to zoom out for an overview and zoom in for a more detailed look at the map.)

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What a wonderful podcast. I’m going to listen very time. I moved down from Oahu in the spring of 1974, first to live in Hilo Motel near Banyan Drive, later we found a place up in the hills on Uilani Pl. I have always loved Hilo. Got married in Liliuokalani Park and spent many times at Coconut Island. I only learned a couple of years ago the island was called Moku Ola. (I know during the war it was a USO place.) We bow hunted up on Saddle Rd and I taught workshops with Hilo Adult Ed and up at Volcano. My husband loved bow fishing down by Suisan. Such wonderful memories.
Hawaiian language studies were just starting at UH Manoa when I was working on my degree there and I remember the talk of the interviews with elders. How wonderful to hear the words and to learn the real place name of the island I still hold in my heart.

Aloha Janet, Mahalo sharing for your story. We are very happy that you can continue to connect with Hilo and learn more about Hawaiʻi through listening to Ka Leo o ka Uluau!

Hi guys! Thanks for doing this podcast 🙂 I had the privilege of moving here from Wyoming two years ago to study at UH Hilo. It has been so fulfilling to be here and to learn some of the history and heritage of this special place.

Ua ho’omaka au e ho’olohe i keia pukana leo no na wahi pana o Hawai’i, a ua nui ka hoihoi! Ho’olaha aku au i ku’u mau hoa e noho ana ma nei nokupuni! Aloha pu i na hoa e kokua ana ma keia papahana, ‘o wau ‘o Loke.

Aloha nui e Loke! Mahalo, e ke hoa, ka hoʻolohe mai i kā mākou hualono e pili ana no kēia ʻāina aloha o kākou, a pēia pū kou kākoʻo ʻana mai ma ka hoʻolaha ʻana aku.

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