Moku of Hilo Podcast Episodes Season 1

Episode 4: Ākeamakamae Kiyuna, Moku of Hilo

In this episode, Ākeamakamae Kiyuna joins Lei and Drew for the last episode in our journey through the moku of Hilo. She shares a moʻolelo of two sisters that takes place ma uka at two prominent puʻu (hills), in the uplands of Hilo.

For Episode 4, Ka Leo o ka Uluau hosts Drew and Lei welcome guest Ākeamakamae Kiyuna. They make their last stop in the moku of Hilo just above Hilo town. Ākeamakamae shares a moʻolelo of two sisters that takes place ma uka (upland) at two prominent puʻu (hills) in Hilo. Learn more about our mea kipa along with this episode’s guest Ākeamakamae Kiyuna. While listening, use the StoryMap below. It is designed to help guide your huakaʻi (journey) for this fourth episode of Ka Leo o ka Uluau podcast.

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Drew and Lei
Mahalo nui,
I have listened to all 4 episodes at least twice. Always wherever , I live or visit , I am compelled to learn about the place , the land . The stories , the history , the forming of the land /geology. Helps me to feel closer to where I am connected .
This series is amazing and I am learning so much. I live in Hilo so I loved the first Moku was Hilo.
Looking forward to learning more about Puna , a place I feel very close to.
A hui hou

Mahalo nui for your support, Dana! We are happy to hear that Ka Leo o ka Uluau is creating connection for you. We’re always learning too and very excited to present episode #5 on March 1!

Aloha e Dana,

Mahalo nui for leaving us your mana’o (thoughts), we are excited that listeners like you are forming deeper connections with our dear lands. What you shared is exactly what we are hoping to achieve with each episode, and we hope that you are enjoying the diversity of our guests. Each guest brings their unique perspectives and thoughts so mahalo nui for joining us on this huaka’i!

Mahalo from the Ka Leo o ka Uluau Team!

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