Podcast Episodes Season 3

Episode 6: Wetland Wonders, with Luka Zavas

Luka joins Lei and Drew to share about manu of the wetlands, including the aeʻo and the ʻalaekeo and ʻalaeʻula.  Check out the images of ʻalaeʻula Luka has shared below!

an alaeula in bushes

To learn more about the places Luka mentions not only on the Island of Hawaiʻi, but also Oʻahu and Molokaʻi, check out the StoryMap below:

To learn more about Luka check out our Mea Kipa ~ Guest page, along with all other podcast guests.

This third season of Ka Leo o ka Uluau consists of 12 episodes that begin in January ~ Kāʻelo (alternatively Kaliʻu) 2023 with a shift in focus from Hawaiian sustainable practices (Season II 2022) and moʻolelo wahi pana (Season I 2021) to our pilina ~ relationship with Manu, the native birdlife of Hawaiʻi nei, in partnership with the group ʻĀhuimanu.

Season III episodes are released throughout the year on the Hilo moon phase of every malama, also known as mahina, (lunar month) to raise awareness of and honor this indigenous practice of keeping time. This segment was released June 18, 2023, the start of the Hawaiʻi lunar month of Kaʻaona.

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