Podcast Episodes Season 2

Bonus Episode: Pani – Season II, The Ka Leo o ka Uluau Team

The Ka Leo o ka Uluau team – Bruce, Lei & Drew – gets behind the microphone together for a bonus episode to pani (close out) Season II at the end of 2022 and announce exciting news for 2023.

This second season of Ka Leo o ka Uluau consists of 12 episodes (plus one Bonus Episode) that began in January ~ Kāʻelo 2022 with a shift in focus from stories associated with places to Hawaiian cultural practices that inform us how to meaningfully and sustainably interact with the place we live based on traditional knowledge systems.

Season II episodes were released throughout 2022 on the Hilo moon phase of every malama, also known as mahina, (lunar month) to raise awareness of and honor this indigenous practice of keeping time. This bonus episode was released December 23, 2022, the start of the Hawaiʻi lunar month of Kāʻelo.

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