Podcast Episodes Season 2

Episode 4: Hula, Kekoa Harman

In this episode of Ka Leo o ka Uluau, Kumu Kekoa joins hosts Lei and Drew to share his manaʻo (thoughts) about hula and sustainability.

As a kumu hula, Kekoa shares how important having a foundation of ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi is to deepen the connection between teacher, student, and the words of each mele. Hula is so much more than a dance and Kekoa tells of various aspects of hula life that require thought of the collective above the individual, which includes ensuring that this knowledge is passed on for generations to come in a way that is sustainable.

Learn more about Kekoa Harman on the Mea Kipa page, along with all the other Ka Leo o ka Uluau guests.

This second season of the podcast consists of 12 episodes that began in January ~ Kāʻelo 2022 with a shift in focus from stories associated with places to Hawaiian cultural practices that inform us how to meaningfully and sustainably interact with the place we live based on traditional knowledge systems.

Season II episodes are released throughout the year on the Hilo moon phase of every malama or mahina (lunar month) to raise awareness of this ancient yet relevant practice of keeping time. This segment was released April 1, at the start of the Hawaiʻi lunar month of Welo.

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