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Former Chancellor Ed Kormondy visits UH Hilo

Former University of Hawai‘i at Hilo Chancellor Ed Kormondy was honored at two gatherings in July. There was a reception for community leaders who served on Chancellor Kormondy’s Cornerstone Committee, followed by a reunion of former faculty and staff.

Edward J. Kormondy served as chancellor at UH Hilo from 1986 to 1993. He is currently serving at Tusculum College, Tennessee, as temporary acting president.

Attending a reception honoring former Chancellor Ed Kormondy are (l-r), front row: Rick West, Marlene Hapai, Ed Kormondy, Judith Kirkendall, Jim Wilson. Back row: Linus Chao, Don Straney, Gerald DeMello, Bobby Fujimoto, Lois Toyama, Pieper Toyama, Jane Chao, Barry Taniguchi, Dan Brown, Linda West, Audrey Wilson, Leslie Lewis. Photo courtesy of UH Hilo Office of Development.
Former and current UH Hilo faculty and staff gather to honor former Chancellor Ed Kormondy. Front row (l-r): Edgar Torigoe, Ruth Robison, Leslie Lewis, Ed Kormondy, Irene Matsuura, Gail Makuakāne-Lundin, and Rick Castberg. Back row (l-r): Lois Toyama, Connie Maples, Pieper Toyama, Ray Okabayashi, Bob Okuda, Linda Damas, Keith Miser, Ann Miser, Dianne Higgins, Barbara Heintz, Sonia Juvik, Ginger Hamilton, Mitzi Hennessey, Henrilene Pickens, Lynn Namihira, Jerry Johnson, Cecilia Mukai, Dan Brown, and Margaret Shiba. Photo courtesy of UH Hilo Office of Development.
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UH Hilo’s first Zero Waste Event is a huge success

Kristine Kubat (left) and Jordan from Recycle Hawai‘i stand proudly outside UH Hilo’s Campus Center Plaza with the resource recovery of breakfast waste from the first day of Orientation Week.

The University of Hawai‘i at Hilo is conducting a Zero Waste Event on campus this week during Orientation. Cam Muir, biology professor and chair of UH Hilo’s Energy Savings and Sustainability Committee, announced Monday that the waste reclamation results on the first day of the event were 55 gallons of compostable materials, eight gallons of recyclables, and one-half pint of trash.

“The success of the event so far is the result of the work of the organizers as well as all the Orientation Week leaders and especially the patience, understanding, and enthusiasm of the freshman class and their parents,” says Muir. “Numerous students and their parents thanked us for the effort and virtually everyone got into the learning aspects, with some passing the learning forward to their new friends.”

The event is organized by Kristine Kubat of Recycle Hawai‘i, Lucas Moe of UH Hilo’s orientation office, and Muir of UH Hilo’s Office of Sustainability.

Muir says “zero waste” is meant to be a goal where all the waste generated at UH Hilo can be diverted to either compost or recycling. He says attaining this goal depends not only on the effort it takes to sort waste “at the bin,” but also begs effort at the “point of purchase.”

“I don’t think the important thing is actually attaining zero percent trash,” he says. “I believe the point is to reduce the non-divertible trash to as close to zero as possible while recovering as much useable resource from our trash as possible.”

Much can be accomplished with minimal effort. As this week’s Zero Waste Event shows, 96 percent of all waste has been diverted away from the landfill. Muir says this is important because as an institution, UH Hilo generates a tremendous amount of waste that is sent to Hilo’s landfill.

“If we can divert a large amount of that waste we can not only ameliorate the negative effects that UH Hilo is having on our local environment but also save thousands on our trash hauling,” he says.

Muir notes that an important part of the zero waste effort is recognizing that much of the trash generated at the university is actually usable resources. Instead of packaging the waste, almost all of it can be turned into soil and other recycled materials, thus reducing the need to cut down more trees for paper, mine more aluminum for cans, or import soil from the continent, he says.

“Of course, as a university, we also have the obligation to educate our students about behaviors that will be more sustainable for our society,” Muir says. “Seeing the response this week from our new students and their parents, the teacher in me has been singing!”

Muir hopes this will be the first of many such initiatives and that as a campus community, UH Hilo will be inspired by the tremendous success of the new freshmen in this first Zero Waste Event.

“My goal is to follow up this event with a proliferation of such events,” he says. “I also hope to expand the effort to a Zero Waste Week, a Zero Waste Semester, and ultimately a Zero Waste Campus. I believe we can do this and I believe that we are educationally, financially, and ethically obliged to try.”

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UH Hilo Graphics Team receives APEX awards

Chancellor Don Straney (at left) with the UH Hilo Graphics Team (l-r) Susan Yugawa, Tanya Ibarra, and Darin Igawa.


Please join me in congratulating Susan Yugawa and her Graphics Team for receiving two awards from the APEX Awards for Publication Excellence. The APEX Awards for Publication Excellence is an annual competition for publishers, editors, writers and designers who create print, Web, electronic and social media.

UH Hilo’s two awards were for the “Seeking edVenturers” campaign and the UH Hilo Viewbook.

The edVentures campaign included the Viewbook as well as five additional publications which embodied the look, message and overall feel of the campaign. These included three additional brochures, the Catalog cover and the acceptance packet.

The UH Hilo Viewbook is a 20-page publication created by Susan to be the signature piece of the “Seeking edVenturers” recruitment campaign. Susan created this piece from scratch, a new look and image that incorporates many aspects of the strategic plan into a visually stimulating publication.

All of the Admissions recruitment material had to be re-created and launched in 2011, which required a significant amount of time, energy and dedication to overhauling and redesigning all of UH Hilo’s recruitment material. This accomplishment is particularly noteworthy since it recognizes the work of our in-house Graphics Department by experts in the fields of marketing and communication.

The UH Hilo graphics department, led by Susan, includes Darin Igawa, Tanya Ibarra, Kelcie Valbuena and Erynn Tanimoto.

Congratulations to all of them!

Donald Straney

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Groundbreaking held for UH Hilo student housing complex

University and elected officials break ground on UH Hilo’s University Village.

University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo held groundbreaking ceremonies today for the first phase of a new student housing complex. The University Village will be located on 33 acres fronting the university’s main entrance on Kawili Street and will feature approximately 300 student housing units in apartments and suite-style residence halls.

“This project will ensure our continued growth and development,” says Chancellor Don Straney. “We deeply appreciate the efforts of our Hawaiʻi Island legislators along with the support of Governor Neil Abercrombie that made this initiative possible.”

Phase I of the University Village will be housed in a 105,500 square-foot complex occupying approximately five acres. The building will feature a trio of three-story residential wings comprised of two-bedroom units housing 302 students and a one-story common area that interlocks with two exterior courtyards. Other amenities will include a new parking lot and bike storage for residents.

The project is expected to be completed in 2013.

UH Hilo media release

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UH Hilo 2012 Awards and Recognition Celebration

The University of Hawai‘i at Hilo 2012 Awards and Recognition Celebration was held on May 8 at the Campus Center Plaza. The following were recognized. 

UH Hilo Awards

The 2012 Koichi and Taniyo Taniguchi Award for Excellence in Innovation was awarded to Lorna Tsutsumi (center), professor of entomology, for her work on food sustainability, bees and beehives. Toby Taniguchi (left) helped present the award along with Chancellor Don Straney (right).
Ho‘oleina Ioane

Student Employee of the Year: Ho‘oleina Ioane*.

Gordon Mitchell

Award for Excellence in Building and Grounds Maintenance: Gordon Mitchell*. This award is presented to a building or ground maintenance employee who has made significant contributions UH Hilo.

Award for Excellence in Service: Seri Luangphinith. This award is presented to a UH Hilo tenure-track or full-time BOR-classified professional staff member who provides service related professional skills to the University of Hawai‘i at Hilo and the community.

Seri Luangphinith

Pūlama ‘Ike Award: Tim Moore*. This awards is presented to an individual who has made a significant contribution to developing and promoting the mission and spirit of the University of Hawai‘i at Hilo.

Tim Moore

Koichi and Taniyo Taniguchi Award for Excellence in Innovation: Lorna Tsutsumi*. This award recognizes the creative use of technology in teaching, scholarship, research and artistic production by fulltime faculty or staff at UH Hilo.

Read more about the recipients.

Retirement Recognition

This list covers the period from May 2011 through April 2012. Anyone retiring after April 30 will be recognized at next year’s event.

  • Dwayne K. Branco and Paul Texiera, who both worked in Auxiliary Services. Dwayne and Paul transferred to UH Hilo in 2009 when the state closed down a branch of the Forestry Agriculture program, where they both cut and maintained walking trails in the state parks on island. Dwayne retires with a total of 30 years of service, and Paul with 37.
  • Luke Bailey was an instructor of English and served at UH Hilo for a total of 13 years. His area of emphasis was in teaching composition. He was director of ESL Program and coordinator for TESOL Certification Program. He is currently in Sweden.
  • Barry Curtis was a professor of philosophy at UH Hilo for 36 years. He won the 1980 UH Board of Regents Medal for Excellence in Teaching.

    Barbara Heintz
  • Barbara Heintz* was a counselor for 34 years and also served as interim director of Counseling Services. She mentored many student affairs professionals through the promotion and tenure process, and chaired the DSA Professional Development Committee for many years, ensuring that new and rising professionals had the skills and abilities to assume leadership roles in student affairs. She mentored many students, many who have gone on to become teachers, counselors, and social workers within our community
  • John Ige worked his way up at UH Hilo over the course of 15 years. He started as an emergency hire working as a janitor, and then became a permanent employee. In 2007, he transferred to a groundskeeper, and in 2008 became our painter, until his retirement April 2011. John is enjoying his retirement and now has more time for golf and house projects.

    Sonia Juvik
  • Sonia Juvik* was a professor of geography for 31 years. Her research interests are in land use, planning, and resource use in the regions of the Hawai‘i, Australia, and the Pacific Islands. She founded UH Hilo’s Keaholoa STEM program, now used as a model STEM program throughout the country. The Atlas of Hawai’i, for which she was co-editor with her husband Jim Juvik, is the foremost atlas of our state. In 2011, she received the UH Hilo Chancellor’s Certificate of Recognition for her contributions in preparing student scholars to thrive, compete, innovate and lead in their professional and personal lives.
  • Charles Langlas was an associate professor at Ka Haka Ula ‘O Ke‘elikōlani College of Hawaiian language. He specializes in Hawaiian culture and history, nineteenth century texts, and oral history. His ethnographic work with Native Hawaiian elders and other Native Hawaiians from Puna resulted in several publications and a DVD about traditional fishing. He now lives on O‘ahu.

    Keith Miser
  • Keith Miser* served for seven years as UH Hilo vice chancellor for student affairs and three years in international programs. He leaves a legacy of countless students and administrators who have benefitted from his encouragement, support, and endless energy. He represents what is best in education: the desire to give others the opportunity to benefit from new opportunities.
  • Henrilene Pickens was an office assistant at Student Services. She served at UH Hilo for 22 years. Henri embraced all new students to UH Hilo by welcoming them to her home for holiday gatherings and developed excellent rapport and relationships with many of their families.
  • Jean Shimose served at UH Hilo in diverse capacities over the course of 27 years including at Nā Pua Noʻeau Gifted and Talent Native Hawaiian Program when it first began on our campus over 20 years ago; Auxiliary Services; the College of Agriculture, Forestry, and Natural Resource Management; and the dean’s office at the College of Arts and Sciences. She is an extremely talented lei maker, flower arranger and decorator and did the decoration at UH Hilo’s graduations, holiday celebration and other events for many years.
  • Becky Thurston was an instructor of psychology. She served at UH Hilo for 15 years. She was an undergraduate at UH Hilo over 25 years ago and then returned as a lecturer and instructor. She received the UH Hilo Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching in 1999. She was devoted to teaching, but she was also a devoted athlete, including surfing, golfing, swimming, and paddling.

*Attended event.

Years of Service Recognitions

Years of Service: 10

  • Andrea Adrian
  • Seri Luangphinith
  • Rebecca Ostertag
  • Heidi Veilleux
  • Deborah Beirne
  • Joy Aito
  • Philippe Binder
  • Kathleen Hughes
  • Michelle Araki
  • John Oshima
  • Norman Stahl
  • Laisha Bugado
  • Kristi Kaniho
  • Daryl Masanda
  • Stephanie Nagata
  • Anson Ohara
  • Cathy Travis
  • Joanne Hulama
  • Christopher Lu
  • Nicol Botelho
  • Susan Yamada

Years of Service: 20

  • Makalapua Alencastre
  • Kyle Fujiyoshi
  • Norine Hisashima
  • Kelly Leong
  • Dawn Pamarang
  • Yolanda Andres
  • Kay Kobata
  • James Mellon
  • Marsha Oshiro
  • Deneen Louie

Years of Service: 30

  • Cecilia Mukai
  • Glenn Silva
  • Lisa Takahashi
  • Eric Im
  • Alan Sugiura
  • Sabry Shehata
  • Joseph Bernabe

Years of Service: 40

  • Larry Kimura

Years of Service: 50

  • Iva Black Goldman
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