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UH Hilo’s Professional Development Committee holds kickoff event

Keynote speaker Taupouri Tangarō addresses the audience at the recent kickoff event held by UH Hilo’s Professional Development Committee.

The University of Hawai‘i at Hilo Professional Development Committee held a successful kickoff event Sept. 19 on campus at Ho‘oulu Terrace. There were over a hundred faculty, staff and students in attendance.

“The Professional Development Committee was especially pleased by the turnout of staff and the positive verbal comments after the session,” says committee chair Jube Kuewa, acting director of the Office of Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action.

Taupouri Tangarō, PhD, assistant professor and chair of the Hawai‘i lifestyles department at Hawai‘i Community College, was the keynote speaker. Tangarō’s presentation was titled, “How Individual Professional Development Shapes Organizational Excellence.” He emphasized the importance of employees’ self actualization and organizational identity.

The event included a discussion on the application process for funding for professional development. The application deadline is October 5, 2012. Find more details on the Professional Development website.

Kuewa says many staffers expressed being pleased at having an opportunity for training. Of note, one staffer said “she must thank the chancellor (for this opportunity).”

“The Professional Development Committee is prepared to do the hard work that’s coming up,” says Kuewa, noting that reviewing and deciding on applications, and planning two more training event presentations are current priorities.

Kuewa says he will be included in any university-level discussions regarding professional development.

“The PDC is now UH Hilo’s public entity on professional development,” says Kuewa. “PDC involvement will be useful in considering workforce concerns and in disseminating information to our faculty and staff on these matters.”

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UH Hilo and Hawaiʻi Community College jointly sponsor faculty and staff leadership summit

The Leadership Summit held this past weekend gave faculty, staff  and students a chance to boost their skills as leaders in higher education within a cultural context.

At the kipaepae at the leadership summit. Photos courtesy of Hawaiʻi Community College I Ola Haloa.

The University of Hawai‘i at Hilo and Hawai‘i Community College (HawCC) are working together on professional development programs to increase faculty and staff knowledge and awareness of Hawaiian perspectives. The two campuses jointly sponsored this past weekend’s retreat designed to boost faculty and staff skills as leaders in higher education within a cultural context. This type of professional development strengthens the ability of both campuses to fully support Native Hawaiian students as they complete their higher education.

Saturday was Wahipana: Sacred Geographies of Hilo. The purpose was to have UH Hilo and HawCC faculty, staff, and students collectively develop a personal relationship to the Hilo community amongst sacred geographies. Some of the sites visited included:

  • Wakaomāui (Canoe of Maui)
  • Waiānuenue (Rainbow Falls) that includes Keanaohina (Cave of Hina), and Waiokuna (Water of Kuna)
  • Peʻepeʻe (Boiling Pots)
  • Puʻuōpeʻapeʻa (Bat Hill), Puʻuhālaʻi (Hill of Tranquil Breath) and Puʻuhonu (Turtle Hill)
David Lonborg (at right), UH President MRC Greenwoodʻs executive assistant, and David Olwell (left), American Council on Education Fellow, put on their kīhei to get ready for the kipaepae ceremony. Photo by Cam Muir.

At Sunday’s ʻAhaʻaha Leadership Summit  the discussion was about Leadership through Traditional Rites of Passage.

The participant numbers for the weekend were as follows: Saturday’s Wahipana O Hilo, 122 participants; Sunday’s ʻAhaʻaha Leadership Summit, 78 participants. On Saturday, David Lonborg, UH President MRC Greenwoodʻs executive assistant, and David Olwell, American Council on Education Fellow, both flew over from Honolulu to participate.

Some scenes from the summit:

Faculty, staff and student participants gather at Sunday’s leadership summit while Pele Kaio, center, a UH Hilo student majoring in geography and unuolehua hula student, chants the group onto Ka Pakapaka Malae ceremonial grounds.
At right, Jubilee Kuewa, interim director at UH Hilo’s Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action office, learns how to make hei  (string figures) with Wahineaukai Mercado, a UH Hilo pre-nursing major and unuolehua kumu hula trainee.
Marianne Takamiya, UH Hilo assistant professor of astronomy, makes hei (string figures like “cat’s cradle”).
Randy Hirokawa, dean of UH Hilo’s College of Arts and Sciences, prints his kīhei, a shoulder wrap used for special ceremonies.
On Saturday, the group listens to  Taupōuri Tangarō, PhD, assistant professor and department chair of Hawaiian life styles and humanities at Hawai‘i Community College, during a visit to Waiānuenue (Rainbow Falls), which includes Keanaohina (Cave of Hina) and Waiokuna (Water of Kuna).
One of the sites visited on Saturday was Peʻepeʻe (Boiling Pots).

Unless otherwise noted, all photos courtesy of Hawaiʻi Community College I Ola Haloa. Mahalo to all photographers!

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