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Announcement from the Vice Chancellors on the relocation of several units and offices

New Student Services Center
The new Student Services Center now houses advising, career services, admissions, financial aid, registrar, global and international education, counseling services, and the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs. Joining them is the cashier’s unit from the business office.

Aloha UH Hilo Faculty and Staff,

Summers at the University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo are the busiest times when it comes to campus facilities modifications and construction projects supported by the folks in Auxiliary Services and Facilities Planning and Construction.

Summer 2014 was no different, but you may have noticed that the relocation of many units heightened this level of construction and logistical activity. Your vice chancellors planned this set of relocations to achieve cost savings relating to off-campus lease rent expenses and to locate as many similar or complementary functions in proximity as possible.

Units that have relocated or that are planned for relocation in the near future include:

Construction for the renovation of the old student services building is planned to begin in the fall with an anticipated completion sometime in the mid to latter half of 2015. Planning has been ongoing for the assignment of that renovated space to include the College of Business and Economics (CoBE), consolidating all faculty under one roof, and the College of Continuing Education and Community Service (CCECS). The vice chancellors will be responsible for the future utilization of space in Kanakaʻole Hall after the departure of CoBE, no decisions on the future use of this space have been made.

At the Manono campus, the testing center and the Senior Net computer center will be consolidated, maintaining security for the testing center computers, but under the single management of CCECS.

We’ll keep you updated as further relocation movements are planned.


Marcia Sakai, Vice Chancellor for Administrative Affairs
Matt Platz, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
Gail Makuakāne-Lundin, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

Campus Maps

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