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Pa‘auilo slaughterhouse improvements commence

Group photo
Chancellor Straney (center with light shirt) joined elected officials, ranchers, representatives from the State Department of Agriculture and other government agencies, and other stakeholders at an event commencing $4.15 million worth of improvements to the state-owned slaughterhouse in Pa‘auilo. Improvements to the facility will help secure the future of Hawai‘i Island’s grass-fed beef industry. Photo courtesy of the Office of the Mayor.

Media Release from the Office of the Mayor:

The County of Hawai’i held a blessing Tuesday to commence $4.15 million worth of improvements to the State-owned slaughterhouse in Pa‘auilo. Funds for the improvements were appropriated by the State Legislature and released by the Governor directly to the County of Hawai‘i to implement improvements that will help secure the future of Hawai‘i Island’s grass-fed beef industry.

“If the rancher cannot ranch and the farmer cannot farm, we’re all in trouble. This isn’t all that we need, but it’s an important first step. We look forward to Hawai‘i Island being able to grow and expand our grass-fed beef industry,” said Hawai‘i County Mayor Billy Kenoi.

The proposed project will make much needed improvements in the critical areas of wastewater disposal, rendering of unusable solid waste, and refrigeration space to expand plant capacity and improve meat quality.

When complete, the plant’s capacity will increase by 40% and reduce the current processing backlog that makes it difficult for ranchers to bring their animals to market in a timely fashion. Improvements will also transform waste that currently goes to the landfill into useable value-added and energy producing by-products. Improvements will also address outstanding wastewater issues.

Once complete, the improvements will create new employment opportunities and increase the economic sustainability of the Hāmākua district.

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