B.B.A. Accounting – Written Communication (2013-2014)

Have formal Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs) or Student Learning Outcomes (SLOS) been developed?

NO, Business Administration program PLO’s currently the standard for accounting program

Published where? (website)

CoBE Website / Accounting Web page

Do PLOs include or imply link to Core Competency? (AY 2013-2014: Written Communication)?

YES, Communicate clearly, logically, and persuasively.

Process of Core Competency Assessment:

Course (400- level)

MGT 490 (Capstone course)- All business and accounting students take the capstone course.


Case Study:  Students study a business with a real-world problem.  Individuals write a comprehensive analysis describing the business a problem, perform an environmental assessment (SWOT analysis) complete with external research, and develop solutions/ recommendations.

Type of Student Artifact

Case Study Report (4-5 pages plus Appendices, APA style source)

Rubric or other instrument

GE Rubric for written communications – Link: http://hilo.hawaii.edu/policies/documents/PR2013wc.pdf (Appendix F)

Data (measurement of the competency)

A random sample of seven case assignments and the GE writing rubric were distributed to five faculty members. This approach allows more faculty discussion for each assignment and decreases the possibility that scoring misses key elements of writing assignments.  The overall average is 2.54 suggesting student writing levels are emerging.  Writing content is the weakest area.  Student papers tend not to move beyond descriptive writing.  Generally weak cases are made for assignment recommendations.

Evaluator Tabular Data

Action Taken in Response to the Data (What will you do in response to the Findings?)

To improve writing scores, the College is implementing several changes.  First, a new business course emphasizing critical thinking (BUS 290) has been adopted as a core business class starting Fall 2013.  Students taking this course will be ready for the capstone class next year.  Second, students did not see the writing rubric before this assignment.  The College intends to adopt the GE writing rubric for all assignments. Finally, the Curriculum committee recommends more writing assignments embedded in various courses.  Students need more feedback and a chance to revise their writing.

Date of Last Program Review

Accounting’s first five-year review is in-progress; being sent out for external review.


AACSB Fifth Year Maintenance of Accreditation Report (PDF) link:



Memorandum of Understanding Program Review link: