Quantitative Reasoning – Analysis (2018-2019) – Assessment Mechanism & Data

Quantitative Reasoning Assessment Mechanism

Percent Distribution of Workforce by Employment Sector

[graph_lite id=”1895″]

Total Workforce: 150 million people


Workforce in the Professional Sector by Area and Type of Employment

[graph_lite id=”1899″]

Millions of people


Directions: Use the above graphs to answer the following. Circle the best answer:

1.) Approximately how many people work in the Production employment sector?

a. 40 million
b. 30 million
c. 20 million
d. 15 million

2.) Approximately what proportion of the workforce in the Health Care area consists of full-time workers?

a. 1/2
b. 3/4
c. 4/5
d. 4/7

3.) The combined workforce in the Legal and Financial areas in the Professional sector is approximately:

a. 6 million
b. 8.5 million
c. 9.5 million
d. 11 million

4.) In the Construction sector, the percentage of part-time workers is the same as the percentage of part-time workers in the Legal area. Part-time construction workers make up approximately what percentage of the total workforce?

a. 2% of the total workforce
b. 4% of the total workforce
c. 6% of the total workforce
d. 8% of the total workforce


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