Oral Communication Assessment -2021 (Graduate)

Oral Communication -Graduate

Part 2: Assessment Results

Each graduate level program chose one assignment representative of work done by students from their program and assessed that assignment according to the above rubric.

The assessments were conducted by two faculty members from each individual program. The results of the assessment are shown in the table below. The number values show the average scores for the four rubric categories.

Table: Assessment Results for Individual Programs

ProgramAssignment chosenNumber of StudentsOrganization & StructureContentLanguageDeliveryMean for Program
M.A. in Counseling PsychologyPsych 624: Counseling Skills83.52.812.943.443.17
M.A. in Heritage ManagementANTH 60343.373.623.123.373.37
M.A. in Teaching (MAT)ED 681 Action Research Project133.83.893.763.543.75
Master of Education (MEd)N.A. for this year
M.A. in Tropical Conservation Biology and Environmental Science (TCBES)CBES 700
Thesis Defense or CBES 690
Final Internship Presentation
MA in Indigenous Language and Culture EducationKIND 642
Final Presentation
Ph.D. in Hawaiian and Indigenous Language and Culture RevitalizationDissertation Defenses343.673.673.673.75
Doctor of Nursing PracticePractice Inquiry Project Defense63.673.333.583.333.48
Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical SciencesProposal Defense144444

Download PDF: Assessment Results for Individual Programs