B.B.A. Accounting & B.B.A. Business Administration – Information Literacy

Have formal Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs) or Student Learning Outcomes (SLOS) been developed?

Yes, but expressed as general goals for all COBE majors

Published where? (website)

Business Administration webpage

Do PLOs include or imply link to Core Competency? (AY 2015-2016: Information Literacy)?

Process of Core Competency Assessment:

Course (400- level)

MGT 423


Final Paper

Type of Student Artifact

4-5 page paper in APA format that discusses what the students have learned about gender stereotyping in business.

Rubric or other instrument

GE Rubric for Information Literacy

Data (measurement of the competency)

One reader commented that papers were hard to assess as they didn’t seem to be “thinking” about how to overcome the barriers set out by the articles provided. Other readers noted that most papers read as simple summaries of information and that was little effort to examine sources. Several other papers did not meet the minimum expectations for the number of citations.

Evaluator Tabular Data

Action Taken in Response to the Data (What will you do in response to the Findings?)

DUE MAY 15, 2015

Date of Last Program Review

2015  Self- Study

Sixth Year Continuous Improvement Report


2016 AACSB Action Letter

Accreditation Letter