B.A. English – Information Literacy

Have formal Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs) or Student Learning Outcomes (SLOS) been developed?


Published where? (website)

English webpage

Do PLOs include or imply link to Core Competency? (AY 2015-2016: Information Literacy)?

Students will:

  • demonstrate competence in information technology and digital literacy (i.e. formatting in Microsoft Word);
  • critically examine and utilize online as well as textual materials in their assignments;
  • identify, analyze, and present appropriate data from oral sources (e.g. interviews), visual media (e.g. film or visual arts), and/or various types of print and digital literature (fiction, non-fiction, and graphic texts).

Process of Core Competency Assessment:

Course (400- level)

ENG 489 – The Celtic Revival


Final research paper

Type of Student Artifact

2000-2200 word revised paper in MLA format on a student-chosen topic that takes an argumentative position on the Celtic Revival and incorporates a min. of 5 academic sources

Rubric or other instrument

GE information literacy rubric

Data (measurement of the competency)

The department was surprised to find that twelve out of thirteen papers fell below competency for this skill. What was also surprising is the “easiest” skill, in simply conforming text to MLA standards, was the weakest for majors

Evaluator Tabular Data

Action Taken in Response to the Data (What will you do in response to the Findings?)

Discussions with other English faculty revealed the same problems in other upper-division courses. The Department will likely hold a focus group to ascertain why students are exhibiting so much difficulty in simply following proper citation conventions.

Date of Last Program Review


English MOU   & External Review