Information Literacy 2021- B.B.A. Business Administration

B.B.A. Business Administration 

Have formal Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs) or Student Learning Outcomes (SLOS) been developed?


Published where?

UH Hilo Catalog

Do PLOs include or imply link to Core Competency? (AY 2020-2021: Information Literacy)?


Process of Core Competency Assessment:

Course (400- level)

MGT 300 Management, Orgs & Human Behavior


Mgt300 students will write a three-page paper that addresses various organizational behavior issues that may arise in a professional setting. Students will use Harvard Business Publishing brief case, MediSys Corp.: The IntensCare Product Development Team by Anne Donnellon and Joshua D. Margolis. Additional sources will also be attached at the end of the paper and used appropriately in the case analysis with short quotes or reference.

Type of Student Artifact

Case Study (final paper)

Rubric or other instrument

GE Rubric for Information Literacy

Data (measurement of the competency)

Eighteen (n = 18) papers were read by two readers—one from CoBE and one external to the College.  Averages for each category are as follows:  Document Conventions (1.52), Appropriateness of Sources (2.27), Evaluating Sources (2.22), and Integrating Sources (1.91).

Evaluator Tabular Data

Action Taken in Response to the Data (What will you do in response to the Findings?)

To improve performance, instructors will be encouraged to insert goals specific to information literacy along with guidelines on citing and generating references for future assignments.

Date of Last Program Review


The College is currently being reviewed for reaccreditation by AACSB during the 2020-2021 academic year.