B.A. Administration of Justice – Written Communication (2017-2018)

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Administration of Justice 2018 Written Communication Assessment

For Administration of Justice majors, the department has no capstone by which to analyze student writing directly ahead of graduation.  In the absence of such a course, the department chose to use papers from Political Science 322: Criminal Justice, an upper-division required course for students majoring in Administration of Justice.  Unfortunately, there were no papers assigned in AJ 101 for comparison, so this analysis uses papers from POLS 101 as a freshman-level benchmark for pretest/posttest written communication assessment.  The papers were scored from 1-4 for each element of written communication: Line of Reasoning, Organization & Structure, Content, and Language/Prose/Syntax.  The results for the 2018 assessment are in the table below.

DataPOLS 101GPOLS 322DifferenceF
Line of Reasoning2.7273.1820.4554.412*
Organization and Structure2.4552.8640.4093.216
Language / Prose / Syntax2.4553.1360.6819.742**

Note: * p < .05, ** p < .01, *** p < .001

Students improved in writing in every category, and these improvements were statistically significant in three of the four categories.  The scores for POLS 322 fall below the scores for the POLS 470S Capstone Seminar, but this may be expected as POLS 470S is a higher -level class taken in the student’s last or penultimate semester.  This underscores the importance of establishing an AJ Capstone seminar for the purpose of assessment.

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