B.A. Philosophy – Oral Communication

Have formal Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs) or Student Learning Outcomes (SLOS) been developed?

YES, “Goals for Student Learning in the Major”

Published where? (website)

Philosophy webpage

Do PLOs include or imply link to Core Competency? (AY 2016-2017: Oral Communication)?

Yes, goal #1 states, “Be able to think critically about philosophical issues and express philosophical ideas in an articulate and well reasoned manner”

Process of Core Competency Assessment:

Course (400- level)

PHIL 370


Presentation will be a summary of student’s research proposal.

15 minute presentations detailing results of community action projects

Type of Student Artifact

Project  presentation

Rubric or other instrument

GE Rubric for Oral Communication

Data (measurement of the competency)

Nine presentations (n=9) were scored by the Assessment Committee. Average scores in each section of the rubric were pleasingly high. The average score was 3.39/4 for Organization, 3.61 for Content, 3.36 for Language, and 3.47 for Delivery. Scores tracked closely with the amount of time students had spent in the program, with graduating seniors accumulating the highest scores in all four sections of the rubric.

Evaluator Tabular Data

Action Taken in Response to the Data (What will you do in response to the Findings?)

The fact that the Assessment Committee found that average presentation scores tracked closely with time in the program shows that the Department’s emphasis on student-led discussions is having a positive effect on oral communication skills.  One professor in the department will soon be retiring, so we will endeavor to replace him with another faculty member who will continue to work with students’ presentation and communication skills.

Date of Last Program Review


Philosophy MOU