Standard 2. Achieving Educational Objectives through Core Functions

The institution achieves its purposes and attains its educational objectives at the institutional and program level through the core functions of teaching and learning, scholarship and creative activity, and support for student learning and success. The institution demonstrates that these core functions are performed effectively by evaluating valid and reliable evidence of learning and by supporting the success of every student.

Teaching and Learning

Criteria for Review (CFR) under WSCUC

Note: Guidelines are in parentheses following definitions for each CFR, evidence for each CFR are listed as bullet points.

2.1  Educational Programs
2.2  Statement of the degree
2.2a  General Education and Core Competency Assessment
2.2b  Graduate Programs
2.3  Student learning outcomes and standards of performance
2.4  Faculty work on student learning outcomes
2.5  Student participation in setting and meeting standards
2.6  Assessments and embedded standards
2.7  Program Review
2.8  Research policies for faculty and students
2.9  Policies on evaluation, tenure, and promotion
2.10  Retention and graduation
2.11  Program review process
2.12  Student advising
2.13  Sampling of student support service
2.14  Federal policies on transfer