2021 Institutional Report

Documents for 2021-2022 Institutional Review for Reaffirmation of Accreditation

January 2021 Institutional Report to WASC

Self-Review Under the Standards

Inventory of Educational Effectiveness Indicators (updated February 2021)

Compliance Audit Checklist

Materials for the Compliance Audit Checklist

Required Data Exhibits

Substantive Change, 2014-present

Interim Action Report

Core Competency Assessment

Institutional Learning Assessment

Miscellaneous Supporting Documents

Documents in Response to the Lines of Inquiry, May 10-11, 2021

    • Summary of Lines of Inquiry, May 10-11, 2021
    • Documents relating to current strategic plan
    • Documents relating to capital planning and long-term infrastructure costs, including IT
    • FY2021 budget and budget vs actual reports
    • Most recent independent auditors’ report and financial statements (turned in via the Annual Report)
    • Most recent enrollment projections
    • Documents relating to student success initiatives
    • Summary of the most recent campus climate survey
    • Documents summarizing previous and planned efforts related to diversity, equity, and inclusion
    • Documents associated with the well-being and learning outcomes of marginalized communities, including summaries of relevant data
    • Curriculum maps and assessment rubrics for program learning outcomes for all majors, and for the undergraduate and graduate learning goals
    • Policies concerning expected faculty involvement in assessment activities
    • Examples of how assessment data were used in course or program revision (link to this https://hilo.hawaii.edu/documents/uhh/accreditation/statementfor4.4_CL.pdf)
    • Graduate program assessment plan and schedule
    • Co-curricular/Student Life schedule of assessment and resource planning (fiscal, personnel) to support these efforts
    • Summary of student complaints and disposition since the 2017 Interim Report, by year
    • Data related to post-graduate student and alumni outcomes, disaggregated by student characteristics, including instructional modality
    • Summaries of any faculty, staff, or student surveys conducted since the 2017 Interim Report (excludes external surveys such as NSSE and FSSE)
    • Agendas for orientations for new students, staff, and faculty
    • Staff handbook(s)
    • Access to course sites in Laulima for two courses in each distance learning program

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