2020 Institutional Report

September 2020 Institutional Report to WASC

  •  Essays Pending (9) – S

Compliance Audit Checklist for Reaccreditation

  • Sample Student Transcript (Undergraduate)
  • Sample Student Transcript (Graduate)
  • Transcript Key

Self-Review Under the Standards

Inventory of Educational Effectiveness Indicators (Updated November 2019)

Required Data Exhibits to Support the Off-Site Review (Updated  November  2019)

Responses to Previous Reviews


Core Competency Assessment

Retention and Graduation Report


Program Review

General Education Assessment

Distance Learning Program Summaries. All UH Hilo substantive change proposals for DL programs have been reviewed and approved by the Commission. Information and documentation are provided for each such program.

Substantive Change 201X-present


Credit Hour Policy and Documentation

Seri WIP

Communications with WASC

Other Data