Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) | Work Orders

How do I cancel a work order request?
Look up the request on the Work Order Request Status page and you may cancel it from there. You will need to enter your email and the Work Order Request number (WOR#) emailed to you when you filed the report.
How do I handle an emergency after normal business hours?
Call campus security, (808) 974-7911. The security shift supervisor has written procedures to follow depending on the situation.
What are the guidelines for using the campus bulletin boards?
Flyers must be posted on the campus bulletin boards, not on buildings, walls, posts, etc. University policy prohibits commercial advertisement on the bulletin boards. Event organizers can post flyers for University functions two weeks before an event, and the day after the event. Posters cannot be larger than 14 inches by 22 inches. If you want to hang a banner, contact the Director of Auxiliary Services at (808) 932-7009. Events and announcements may also be posted at the campus News & Events web site, however submissions must be approved by a campus events coordinator.
What is UH Hilo's animal policy?
Pets are allowed on campus, but owners must follow the leash law and clean up any messes. Pets are not allowed inside the buildings (except seeing eye dogs and other assistance animals).

Reserving Campus Resources

How do I reserve a classroom or the Old Gym?
For use Monday-Friday until 4:30pm, contact the College of Arts and Sciences at (808) 932-7095.
How do I reserve use in the Plaza, Library Lanai, or a room in the Campus Center?
See the Campus Center web site to reserve these resources.
How do I reserve use of the Theatre (Performing Arts Center)?
Contact the Performing Arts Center Manager at (808) 932-7490.
How do I reserve use of an athletic facility?
Contact the Athletic Facility Manager at (808) 932-7603.
How do I reserve use of an exterior space?
Contact the Director of Auxiliary Services at (808) 932-7009.