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Hawai╩╗i's Sandy Shorelines

A Hands-on Guide to Hawai╩╗iÔÇÖs Sandy Shore Habitat

Download curriculum in individual sections at the bottom of this page. Also see some more examples of student work. Some of the files are large. Read on for a description of the sandy shores unit or download the unit overview for a complete description of the lesson format, assessment, and content.

Grade Level: 2nd Grade

Purpose: This curriculum is designed to communicate:

  • How the sandy shores of Hawai╩╗i are physically and biologically structured.
  • What the major natural and human induced impacts to the sandy shore habitat are.
  • How science and conservation are working together to study the sandy shore habitat and manage the people and resource within the habitat.
A sandy shore diorama
A sandy shore diorama that shows the habitat
A waikoloa sandy shores class field trip to the beach
A Waikoloa class field trip

Rationale: The sandy shore makes up a large portion of Hawai╩╗i’s coastal habitats and ranges in color from white, black, green, and red. It provides a habitat for many of the plants and animals that support the lifestyle and culture of island residents, as well as, a place where recreational activities can be enjoyed by all. This curriculum promotes an enhanced understanding within Hawai╩╗iÔÇÖs youth on how the sandy shore habitat functions, how we use and study it, and how that use impacts the habitat. It uses hands-on, inquiry-based activities to promote an enhanced learning about Hawaii’s sandy shore habitat.

Hawai╩╗i Content and Performance Standards (HCPSIII) Addressed:

Standard 2.1: The Scientific Process. Standard 2.3: Life and Environmental Sciences:Standard 2.4: Life and Environmental Sciences: Standard 2.5: Life and Environmental Sciences

Unit Concept Map

Sandy shores concept map
Sandy shores concept map
Waikoloa second graders go on a virtual field trip
Waikoloa 2nd graders go on a virtual field trip
Green Sea turtle
A green sea turtle on the beach.

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This unit was created and piloted by Colby Kearns & Sylvie Bright