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Hawai╩╗i's Rocky Shores

A Hands-on Guide to Hawai╩╗i’s rocky shores

Grade Level: First Grade

Purpose:  This curriculum is designed to communicate:

  • How the intertidal zones of Hawai╩╗i are physically and biologically structured.
  • How we use science to study the animals of the intertidal zones habitat and the relationship between them.
  • How the rocky shore is culturally important for Hawai╩╗i.
Students on Field trip
Student holding urchin

Rationale: In this unit, we introduce students to the rocky intertidal zones, as an important coastal resource for HawaiÔÇÖi, both biologically and culturally. Through hands-on activities, live-specimen observations, and discussion sessions, students learn the physical properties, an overview of the flora-fauna, and the cultural uses of rocky intertidal zones. By studying this ecosystem in detail through the inquiry process, students will be encouraged to construct questions and solutions that promote conservation goals of the rocky shore.

Downloadable Lessons

This unit was created and piloted by Jackie Gaudioso, Bobby Hsu & Diane Duke